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Monday, August 27, 2007

Whether you decide to go with Curtis or to Graduation, Sept. 11, will be the album release date for both 50 Cent and Kanye West. According to 50 Cent, he will stop releasing solo albums if Kanye West sells more albums within the first week. (Check out for more on that story.) Curtis will feature hits like "Amusement Park," "I Get Money," and "Ayo Technology, (featuring Justin Timberlake)." Graduation will feature hits like "Can't Tell Me Nothing," "Stronger," and "Barry Bonds." If West wins, then people will continue to praise 50's music or get sick of it, but if 50 keeps his word, then like the West titled single "Barry Bonds," West will hit a home run and 50 will be out of the ball park for good. If 50 wins, then his solo career will continue to get him money in the bank, and more of an excuse to keep his signature nonchalant face with his self proclaimed motto "I Run New York."

Rikers Island is the new hot spot for rapper Foxy Brown who was recently placed in prison by a New York judge for violating her probation that she got after attacking her neighbor with a cellular device. Foxy Brown was also in trouble before that for attacking workers in a NYC nail salon. Brown announced that she was pregnant and engaged to her fiance' (for more see or No word yet on who the lucky or maybe unlucky guy is. Brown has been recording tracks for her yet to be released fourth solo album rumored to be title "Black Roses." According to Media, Foxy is receiving special treatment at Rikers Island. Hmmm...

One, two, X they're coming for you...the police that is. Sheriff's deputies raided the home of rapper Earl Simmons (better known as DMX) home in Arizona after receiving a tip about his pit bulls being left alone in inhumane conditions.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office received a tip more than a week ago about dogs being kept in inhumane conditions at the Phoenix-area home, said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The 36-year-old rapper was not home while the deputies raided his home. Simmons has not been at home for about two months and according to his lawyer Murray Richman was "extremely disturbed" to find out that the dogs were not being taken care of correctly.

"We had a caretaker that wasn't taking care, that's what happened," Richman said. "He loves dogs — he loves these animals. Those dogs are practically his family."

The deputies also found firearms. They sought out for warrants to check the guns to see if they are legal.

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