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Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's Going On...Oct. 21-28th.



Pop-star famed Britney Spears has gained the support of Southland Christian Church, located near Lexington, KY. The church's pastor John Weece has asked the congregation to send letters of love and support for Spears.

"Take a few minutes and write a note to Britney Spears," Weece said in a sermon and on a blog on the church's website. "No preaching, no criticizing, just love. As a church, let's love Britney the way Jesus loves her."

Weece said he came up with the idea after seeing reports of Britney's problems with drugs, alcohol, and the recent loss of custody of her two children.

Weece asked the Southland congregation, "If she were your next-door neighbor in the same situation without the money and success, wouldn't you care about her problems? Wouldn't you pray for her and offer her support and encouragement?"

Cindy Willison, the church's director of communications was still collecting the letters on Friday and looking for the best way to get them to Spears. For more on that story visit


T.I. (nee Cliford Harris) was released on $3 million dollar bond Friday Oct. 26. Harris must remain in home confinement, at a home in Henry County, Atlanta until he awaits trial for the weapons charges.

Harris was ordered to home confinement by US Magistrate judge Alan Baverman who also told the rapper that he is not to leave home, unless its for a medical appointment, court appearances and any other important circumstance. Harris cannot own any firearms, have contact with any one involved in the case, or do anything to undermine his team of professional lawyers.

Harris is being monitored 24-hours a day by a home monitoring service that he is paying for.


Rapper Foxy Brown is back with a new single called "Lights Go Out," featuring an up and coming singer named Kiara. Dispite Brown's legal troubles, she is still recording and will hopefully release a new album late this year or early next year. Check out the song here on you tube with some pictures and clips of Brown's earlier videos.


Rappers LL Cool J and Jay-Z both denied that they have any problem with each other. LL recently spoke to MTV saying, "I don't need to go all out," LL said. "At this point the focus should be to make great music, trying to keep it positive, trying to have some sort of relationship where we can work together. Hopefull [Def Jam] can do well and look great, I can do well and look great. We can part company as civilized businessmen and give the world something great."

The alleged beef came about when Jay-Z did a verse for 50 Cent's remix to the hit single "I Get Money." Jay-Z said, "I'm already the G.O.A.T., next stop is the billy," in a verse on the remix.

LL retorted back on BLOK TV saying, "I don't even know why you did that to yourself. Instead of doing that verse, you should've been doing your job."

Jay-Z claims, "He's a legend," Jay said. "I'm not doing that. That type of shit comes back to you...I believe in karma. He's upset, not me. If he wanna work it out, I'm more than willing to do that."


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oct. 15-21 What's Going On

Video of the week: Jay-Z, Blue Magic

Another crazy Monday, in entertainment that is! Welcome back my blogger fans and if you're reading this, you won't want to stop!

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Michael Jackson was ordered to pay $175,000 to law firm Ayscough & Marar in Los Angeles recently. Superior Court Judge James Chalfant ordered Jackson to pay the $175 thousand totaling the bill to more than $430,000 for Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial, where he was accused of child molestation.

The law firm sued Jackson claiming that he did not pay for its work which prevented the release of some information to the public and lawyers in civil cases during Jackson's criminal trial, according to the AP.

The firm asked for nearly $430,000 because they had to hire a lawyer to sue Jackson.

Jackson's lawyer Thomas Mundell said, "We're very pleased with today's outcome," but he did not confirm whether or not Jackson would pay Ayscough & Marar law firm.

For more on this story, stay tuned.

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What in the world is going on?

Rapper T.I. was arrested for federal gun charges just moments before he was to perform at the BET Hip-Hop awards, according to federal authorities.

T.I., 27, born Clifford Harris was caught in a federal sting Saturday when authorities say Harris asked his bodyguard to purchase weapons after giving his bodyguard $12,000. Harris cannot buy weapons because he is convicted felon. According to CNN, Court documents said Harris was convicted on felony drug charges in 1998, and a federal affidavit said he has been arrested on gun charges in the past.

On Sunday, Dwight Thomas, one of T.I.'s attorney's said that he was not aware Harris was a convicted felon and that "a number of people" live in Harris' suburban Atlanta home. Thomas also said that he is confident that the legal system will work in Harris' favor.

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And now for someone who is actually doing well...VANESSA WILLIAMS! Vanessa Williams is on a hit television show called "Ugly Betty" on ABC and Proactiv is giving her a $20 million dollar endorsement deal. According to the NY Post, the deal is similar to Jessica Simpson's, but Williams may be getting much more, according a source.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

What's Going On, Oct. 8-14


Britney to release new album titled "Black Out"

First off, who told Britney Spears that she could stop being a good-girl pop singer and start being Madonna? Has anyone seen her new video "Gimme More?" Check it out on You Tube, if you haven't already seen it! It's trashy, but I'm sure the guys will love it. Miss Spears is pole dancing throughout the video in a black leather outfit with her butt checks out in lace tights. Hmmm...I wonder what K-Fed has to say about this one. Who knows? He's pretty busy playing daddy these days, since Spears recently lost custody of her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Something tells me that K-Fed is going to go back to his ex Shar Jackson.

Visit YOU TUBE and type in Gimme More and you will see a picture of Britney on a pole in front of a dark purple and blue back ground. You can also visit YAHOO to watch the video. You Tube will not let me copy and paste the link. They've disabled it!

The cutest NBA couple call it quits

Basketball giant Shaquille O'Neal has filed for divorce against wife Shaunie Nelson O'Neal. Rumors are speculating that Shaunie may have cheated on Shaq for her Cuban trainer and that she used some of the $20 million per year that Shaq makes to buy another man a house. Again these are just rumors, but the divorce filing is accurate, according to Hip Hop Weekly.Com. It is also rumored that during Shaunie and Shaq's marriage, he slept with other women often paying them at least $1 million dollars in hush money to keep it from his wife.


Foxy Brown reported about a month ago that she was pregnant per her lawyer Sen. John Sampson. Brown is currenly incarcerated in the Rose M. Singer facility of Riker's Island in New York. Brown was sentenced to one year in prison for violating her probation, following an alleged altercation with a Brooklyn woman. Hip Hop Weekly did not confirm whether or not Brown was being held in the pregnancy unit of Riker's Island. According to Black Hand Entertainment CEO Chazz Williams, "She's [Foxy's] not pregnant. That's just something that her lawyer said." Well whatever Sampson said, it didn't move Judge Melissa Jackson, who sentenced Brown to one-year at Riker's at the September 7th hearing in New York.

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by Penn Peroud