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Monday, October 8, 2007

What's Going On, Oct. 8-14


Britney to release new album titled "Black Out"

First off, who told Britney Spears that she could stop being a good-girl pop singer and start being Madonna? Has anyone seen her new video "Gimme More?" Check it out on You Tube, if you haven't already seen it! It's trashy, but I'm sure the guys will love it. Miss Spears is pole dancing throughout the video in a black leather outfit with her butt checks out in lace tights. Hmmm...I wonder what K-Fed has to say about this one. Who knows? He's pretty busy playing daddy these days, since Spears recently lost custody of her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Something tells me that K-Fed is going to go back to his ex Shar Jackson.

Visit YOU TUBE and type in Gimme More and you will see a picture of Britney on a pole in front of a dark purple and blue back ground. You can also visit YAHOO to watch the video. You Tube will not let me copy and paste the link. They've disabled it!

The cutest NBA couple call it quits

Basketball giant Shaquille O'Neal has filed for divorce against wife Shaunie Nelson O'Neal. Rumors are speculating that Shaunie may have cheated on Shaq for her Cuban trainer and that she used some of the $20 million per year that Shaq makes to buy another man a house. Again these are just rumors, but the divorce filing is accurate, according to Hip Hop Weekly.Com. It is also rumored that during Shaunie and Shaq's marriage, he slept with other women often paying them at least $1 million dollars in hush money to keep it from his wife.


Foxy Brown reported about a month ago that she was pregnant per her lawyer Sen. John Sampson. Brown is currenly incarcerated in the Rose M. Singer facility of Riker's Island in New York. Brown was sentenced to one year in prison for violating her probation, following an alleged altercation with a Brooklyn woman. Hip Hop Weekly did not confirm whether or not Brown was being held in the pregnancy unit of Riker's Island. According to Black Hand Entertainment CEO Chazz Williams, "She's [Foxy's] not pregnant. That's just something that her lawyer said." Well whatever Sampson said, it didn't move Judge Melissa Jackson, who sentenced Brown to one-year at Riker's at the September 7th hearing in New York.

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