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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just when you thought there was a chance for 50 and Ci-Ci to reconcile, she started buying some new red bottom heels and attending Knicks games courtside with Melo's wifey La-La. 50 and Ci-Ci also exchanged heated words via twitter several months ago. Sources say that the final straw for the King of G-Unit and Princess of of Crunk occured after 50 came home one day, expected a meal prepapared or store bought and the entire house had no food. The strange part, sources say is that he had given Ciara money to buy dinner and or groceries to make dinner.

Any-hoo...Ciara and Knicks basketball A'mare Stoudemire are dating now and they have been posing for a lot of pics together lately. Designer Rachel Roy wishes she could get her hands on him, but given the track record of NBA players who date and marry R&B singers (i.e. Monica and Shannon Brown, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson and Keyshia Cole), I doubt that A'mare is letting go of Ciara's flexible pop singing-self anytime soon.

by Penn Peroud