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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

11 Things That Killed Hip-Hop/Classic Rap

This is for all of my Hip-Hop heads. This one is definitely for you: 11 reasons why Hip-Hop slash classic rap was laid to rest. Unless things change, it may never return.

11. Some people started allowing children younger and younger, born after 1995, and soon after 2000, to listen to hip-hop/classic rap and they couldn't relate to rhymes from Public Enemy, Rakim, LL Cool J, Nas, Biggie, or even Jay-Z's early rhymes. Eventually, each generation, forgot what lyrical skill was.

10. Jay-Z was running Def-Jam as its President in the mid-2000s. Once Jay-Z got his greedy hands on Def Jam, a lot of true hip-hop projects never saw the light of day. (I.e. Redman, Method Man, Keith Murray and LL Cool J's solo projects among others).

9. Once a lot of the Def Jam heavy hitters projects didn't release, a younger rap generation came in and then a deep Southern presence stabilized.

8. A lot of major labels, such as Universal, Atlantic, Arista and even Def Jam too, began to sign Southern rap artists who had catchy hooks, but couldn't hold their own in a rap battle even if you ghost-wrote the lyrics for them.

7. Many male rappers began to ignore underground female talent by not signing them. Artists like Jean Gray, Rasheedah, Gangsta Boo, among others haven't gotten major label attention and airplay on the regular.

6. The beats and producers began to change.

5. Corporate America used popular rap songs in commercials more.

4. Pop culture artists such as Flo'rida began to rap. Miami rapper Pit bull even crossed over to Pop.

3. A lot of rappers began to focus on getting their own liquor, or pouring up somebody else's in their video, instead of perfecting their lyrics.

2. The economy impacted a lot of labels who had to cut real hip-hop artists from their rosters and this impacted their platform to reach the masses.

1. The city of New York and all five burroughs argued about who the king of NY is for almost twenty years and sure to be beyond now and NY rap hasn't been the same.


Chris Brown Sings the TMZ Blues

Chris Brown just can't seem to catch a break in the news and media outlets. Brown recently revealed that he believed TMZ founder Harvey Levin was the devil in human form. Brown also called Levin a, "sad little man," via Brown's IG account. This comes several daily posts and stories on TMZ have been about Chris Brown, which Crgis says are mostly negative. He recently visited a night club where a female in the crowd attempted to kiss him. Brown, pushed the young woman away from him, while Karreuche by his side.

There's a lot going on with this situation, butv I suggest, Breezy hire an excellent PR (Public Relations) representative. --Penn

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Music Monday: Lil Kim Ft. Yo Gotti - Stadium Music [Hardcore Mixtape]

#NewMusicMonday #LilKim #YoGotti #Hardcore2k14 #EnoughSaid


Tina Turns Up at LA Dodgers Game with the National Anthem

     Ms. Milian came to remind you that though she does date New Orleans raised rapper Lil' Wayne, who she recently threw a fitting New Orleans-style birthday party for in Los Angeles, she can still SING. Milian sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers versus Rockies game on Friday Sept. 26. On hand, were her family and friends while a camera crew filmed every moment for her upcoming 'E' reality show. Amid pregnancy rumors, Milian recently told the Latin Times (of LA,) that she wasn't pregnant. R&B singer Nivea, best known for her songs, "Don't Mess With My Man," and "Laundromat," recently slammed the pop princess for sharing the same men that she has, (singer The Dream and rapper Lil' Wayne). --Penn
(Tina pictured with her peeps.)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rah Digga On Iggy Azalea's Music: "’s just not real to me..."

     Rah Digga sat down with recently to voice her opinion on what's hip-hop and what's not. She told the Internet radio show that she believed that, Iggy Azalea was not hip-hop. According to the rapper most known for her recording days with Busta Rhymes, she said, "Iggy Azalea, I can't really get into her...because it's just not real to me." Digga went on to say, "Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture. Don't come to America and try to convince me that you're Gangsta Boo..." Digga gave props to Iggy and said, "...she's a beautiful girl, (uh,) I mean you know, capitalize off the supermodeling thing..." Digga went on to defend Nicki Minaj's comments at the 2014 BET Awards, asking when in hip-hop has it ever become not acceptable to call out someone for not writing their own lyrics? --Penn

Rah Digga - Breakfool (official video) via You Tube:

Iggy Azalea f/ Rita Ora - Black Widow (official video) via You Tube:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Attacked By Ukrainian Prankster

Kim Kardashian was attacked by Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk at Paris Fashion week while exiting a car before going into an event. Thousands of people held up their cellphones and some even professional cameras, flashing and snapping. As Kim exited the car, a man ran seemed to push and shove others and then Kardashian toppled over. Her bodyguards, then tackled the man, who is believed to be Sediuk. Sediuk was not arrested.


Watch the video below:

TBT (Throw back Thursday): Ja Rule, "Always on Time"

Sn: Where is Mr. Make-A-Hit-to-Serenade-The-Ladies at, anyway? -Penn

****Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Rapper Wiz Khalifa****

     It was announced yesterday that Amber Rose filed for divorce from Pittsburgh-bred rapper on Monday Sept. 22 in California, according to TMZ. Amber cited "irreconcilable differences," in the divorce paperwork, but never mentioned anything about Wiz Khalifa cheating on her, or anything new to wave a red flag on the marriage. Rose recently signed with Nick Cannon's "N-Credible," brand for management and has many new projects in the works. Rose has asked for full-custody of the married couple's son Sabastian and the divorce documention did mention that there was a pre-nup, which included spousal support. Let me break that down for you. That means, if the couple, maintains main residency in the state of California, as long as Amber does not remarry, she is entitled to whatever amount the spousal support includes. Pow! 

My take on the situation: Amber is not happy being in the background of her husband's career because he is on tour right now and is hardly ever home. Amber enjoys motherhood, but would like to go out and "turn up," every now and then too, but with Wiz on tour, this is extremely difficult. Also, she hasn't released her music officially, since the two have been married, because his brand overshadows hers. He also allegedly smokes (insert cannibus picture here,) nonstop and has outside martial affairs with private dancers. You like how I cleaned that up, huh? -Penn 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yung Berg Claims to be a Major Ghostwriter in the Game, Self-Proclaimed "Hit-Maker"

      On Monday's latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Yung Berg mentioned on camera that he is a major "hit maker," and that he's working on Rhianna's new album, among other major names. Berg even claims that he not only produced, "The One," for Tamar Braxton, but that he also wrote the lyrics too. This is a claim that Tamar Braxton has gone on Instagram and slightly shaded Yung Berg for. He claims from an Instagram post of hers, that she has confirmed this. Here's the question: Do we really care who wrote "The One"? After all, the song spent several weeks at the top of the charts and the world is familiar with who Tamar Braxton is, but many people still are unaware who Yung Berg is. Anywhoo, Berg set Twitter ablaze with several memes circling around his self-proclaimed hit-maker," comments. -Penn
This video needs to say, "Yung Berg Be Like..." Lol.

Mary J. Blige Releases Two New Tracks

Mary is back!!! Need I say more? I mean, she truly never left. Mary J. Blige released two new tracks, one titled, "Propose," and the other titled "Therapy." Check them out below. -Penn 

"Propose" >>> :

"Therapy" (the picture below):

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

****Dame Dash to Sue Lee Daniels (Director of The Butler)****

     Dame Dash, (former Rocafella mogul,) filed a lawsuit in the New York Superior Court against filmmaker Lee Daniels, (The Butler, Precious). Dash claims that credits, ownership, along with millions of dollars is owed to him for giving Daniels $2 million dollars to produce the film "The Woodsman," according to Billboard. Dash claims he received a written agreement from Daniels that outlined terms, such as, executive producer credits, 50 percent of the rights on the movie, plus interest. At some point, according to Dash, Daniels asked to move the $2 million investment to a movie called "Shadowboxer." Dash believes that he is entitled to compensation from Daniels and is suing to get it back. The complaint to the NY Superior Court reads:

     "In exchange for keeping quiet about being owed money, to avoid bad press in light of Lee’s upcoming projects, and foregoing prompt payment on the personal guaranty, Lee, and Lee Daniels Entertainment, promised Damon, both orally, and in writing, that Damon would be given a producer credit and partial ownership rights to any and all of Lee’s projects — i.e., current and future TV shows and/or films — until Lee paid Damon back the $2,000,000.00 plus interest that Damon had originally invested with Lee."

     A few months ago, Dash allegedly filed the initial paperwork and asked for no less than $25 million dollars. Ouch. advice of the day: Mr. Daniels, go ahead and cut that man a check, so he can go on about his business. -Penn 


Check out this new song from Kendrick Lamar titled, "I Love Myself." The song samples from the Isley Brother's "Who's That Lady." Today, it world premiered on several radio stations around the U.S. If it didn't air on a particular radio station that you tuned into, you can listen to the new track, here:

Feel free to inbox me or comment on here. Is it hot, or not?



Photo courtesy of Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Divorce after separation, who didn't see it coming for Kris Jenner, mother of Kim Kardashian-West, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian, along with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Kris filed for divorce yesterday Sept. 22 from her husband of 23 years and cited "irreconcilable differences." Kris has petitioned for joint physical and legal custody of Kylie Jenner, the sole minor of the children they share together. Kris hss also petitioned to keep her jewelry and has agreed to split up the couple's other assets later. The former couple doesn't have a pre-nuptial agreement. --Penn

Monday, September 22, 2014


Trina looks like she has officially returned to the game with this new single "****....(Love,)" featuring Tory Lanez. If anyone knows Trina's story, they would know that she was dating rapper French Montana, (who is still legally married to his wife and makes that quite known). During the time that Trina dated him, they worked on music together, he bought her expensive gifts, and then IN ENTERS KHLOE KARDASHIAN. It takes two to tango, so FRENCH PURSUED HER, after finding out that she was separated from Lamar Odom. Khloe and French began dating and doing grown thangs and Trina's relationship with him became history, so naturally now she's still hurt. The real question is: HOW DOES FRENCH MONTANA'S WIFE FEEL ABOUT ALL OF THIS? AFTER ALL, THEY DO STILL HAVE KIDS TOGETHER. --Penn


Check out this new video from Philadelphia rapper Chill Moody who teams up with R&B newbie Mack Wilds for this siren-style-unique beat based record with well-written and delivered lyrics by Mr. "Chilla-delphia" himself. -Penn

Sn: You can say Penn dubbed him "Mr. Chilladelphia" here first. Thanks ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Really Though??:**Erica Mena Reveals She's Engaged To Bow Wow

Oh No: Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgins, Kim K. & More Targets of Nude Photo Leaks

     Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade released a joint statement this weekend via TMZ that the leaked nude photos going viral on the Internet are photos are of her. The newly married couple released a joint statement with Wade saying, “It has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.” 

     Twitter is being set ablaze as about every one to two hours, nude photos of public Hollywood figures are being leaked. will not display full-nudity due to the nature of some of these pictures. However, we will do our best to report these happenings as they occur. Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Megan Good, Rhianna and Chris Brown have been the latest people who've had photos leaked as of 4:01 pm (Pacific Time). It is unknown how these photos are being leaked, nor who is behind them. The photos are viral, so a simple search and/or Twitter search, after signing in, will surface any of the photos. Viewer discretion is advised, (no one under 18 should view those images, or really anyone at all because they are private). -Penn

Megan Good reacts via IG:

A twitter Fan covers up nude photo of Rhianna with casual outfit.

*****Former Phoenix Suns Player Allegedly Steals $14,000 of Apple Products from Apple Store*****

      Stealing, definitely has a consequence and stealing $14,000 of anything, definitely has a hefty consequence. Just ask former Phoenix Suns NBA player and front-office executive Rex Chapman. Chapman, 46, was arrested Friday (Sept. 19) in Arizona on suspicion of stealing $14,000 of merchandise from an Apple store. Sgt. Mark Clark, a police spokesperson said that Chapman was allegedly caught stealing the merchandise at an Apple store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chapman allegedly used the self-checkout several times without actually paying for the Apple merchandise. Chapman was recognized by people in the area, who said they recognized his face. Police also stated that Chapman allegedly took the Apple items to a pawn shop where he got cash for them. Chapman faces nine counts of organized retail theft and five counts of trafficking stolen property, all of which are felonies. -Penn 

NFL to RGIII: Flip that Non-Nike Shirt on Game Day

RGIII during a post-game press conference for the Redskins; Photo Courtesy of FOX SPORTS 
During a Sunday post-game press conference for the NFL, an uniform inspector for the NFL told Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III that he had to turn his blue "No Jesus, No Peace," t-shirt inside out before speaking to the press. According to a reporter from the Richmond, Virginia Dispatch named Michael Phillips, the NFL uniform inspector asked Griffin to turn the shirt inside out because the blue shirt worn by Griffin was not Nike brand. According to CSN Washington, A rep for the NFL denied these claims and the spokesperson did state that RG3 most likely flipped the shirt on his own to avoid a possible fine from the NFL. According to CSN, NFL by laws state that a player cannot wear clothing that sends any type of personal message on game days. -Penn

For more on this story, visit:

Sunday Flashback: 112 - Your Letter (Official Music Video)

*******Rumored Couple Alert: Lauren London and Rapper Nipsey Hustle*******

Photo: courtesy of Nipsey Hustle's IG account "I DRINK CHAMPAGNE WHEN I HUSTLE! I DRINK CHAMPAGNE WITH NIPSEY RUSSELL! I LOVE CHAMPAGNE...(DRINK IT IN THE RAIN!!!)" Does anyone actually remember Chris Rock's "I Love Champagne," song, a spoof of '90s and early 2000's rap videos and songs? That's clearly where rapper Nipsey Hustle got the inspiration behind his name, no matter what he may say. (FLASH BACK MOMENT...)
Anyways, he and actress (and mother of one of rapper Lil' Wayne's children,)Lauren London, may be an item, allegedly. The two have not officially confirmed whether or not they date, however there have been lots of subliminal social media messages floating around between the two. They never talk about each other in public, or claim each other in public, but the above photo was found and released, with Hustle affectionally calling London his "Loc." Awwww, isn't that sweet. -Penn

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The NFL may be the new butt of sports jokes, but lately, these stories involving alleged abuse of any kind, whether against women, or child, ARE NO LAUGHING MATTER. First, let's talk about the most recent one, where Arizona Cardinal's player Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on assault charges in Arizona on Thursday Sept. 18, after his wife, (who hasn't been named in the police report, nor the pending case against him,) claimed that he head-butted her, after she fought back during a sexual advance from Dwyer, which are new details from a pending domestic abuse case against Dwyer. Dwyer is married to a Kayla Tobin-Dwyer, and has been married to her since September 2012. However, though the two ARE MARRIED, legally, and quite possibly for privacy reasons TOBIN-DWYER has not been listed as the woman on the police report, (nor pending case,) identifying her by name as the woman that Dwyer allegedly assaulted. On Wednesday Sept. 17 details from this incident were released by the Arizona Republic, after, according to a police report Dwyer allegedly violently confronted his wife on two separate occasions. Police say that back on July 21, Dwyer and his wife were in an argument after he asked her to remove her clothes. His wife repeatly told Dwyer to stop and he didn't. After Dwyer continued, his wife bit his lip. Dwyer, then head butted her in the face, which caused her nose to be fractured, according to police. Once police arrived at the scene, Dwyer left and his wife was still present. A witness called the police, after hearing fighting, but his wife claimed once the police arrived that she and Dwyer were fighting over the phone. His wife later left with their son and later returned after she received a text from Dwyer who threatened to kill himself. Dwyer's wife later told police that she initially denied the July 21st incident because she received a picture of a knife from Dwyer and a message saying he didn't want to live. There is definitely more to the domestic abuse drama between Dwyer and his wife. Check out the police report here. On July 22, there was a completely different incident between Dwyer and his wife, where he allegedly punched her in face, then through a shoe at her, which hit their son who was 17-months old at the time. The shoe luckily did not injure their son. After his wife said she would call the police, Dwyer threw her cell phone from the second floor. DWYER'S POLICE REPORT RELEASED FROM PHOENIX POLICE IN ARIZONA:
What in the world is going on with men in the NFL and their wives? Recently, Ray and Janay Rice were involved in a domestic abuse case, where Ray can be seen on video in an elevator knocking Janay out with one hit. (I'm not glorfying that in any way. The video was hard to watch and VERY disturbing, as he kicked in limp body and her dress rose up, under-wear showing and buttocks 75% exposed). SEE THE UPDATED ARTICLE BELOW FROM ESPN: YIKES... Then, recently Adrian Peterson was called out by police in Texas for alleged abuse against one of his children, where Peterson allegedly whipped the young 4-year-old boy with a switch, leaving red welts on his legs and thighs. The 4-year-old claimed that his father, Peterson, or as he called him, "Daddy Peterson," also whipped him on the private area. Peterson admitted to whipping his son, and even admitted that he was angry and may have gone too far. The boy's mother called the police on Peterson, after the 4-year-old boy told her his recount of what happened and showed her the marks left on his body. SEE THE UPDATED ARTICLE BELOW FROM ABC NEWS: What happened to football players staying to themselves and just, you know, PLAYING FOOTBALL? -Penn

Friday, September 19, 2014

Keyshia Cole Arrested in LA & Released at $46,000 Bail

Locked up, they just let her out, Keyshia got locked up... Keyshia Cole's bail was set at $46,000 for two counts of assault, TMZ is reporting. $26,000 for one count and $20,000 for another count was paid and Keyshia was released around 12:25 p.m. today (Pacific time) in Los Angeles. Cole was arrested for misdemeanor battery, after allegedly assaulting a woman at Birdman's condo early Friday morning. Cole is allegedly dating Birdman, who is co-founder of Cash Money Records. Cole got to Birdman's condo at 5 a.m., which is when the altercation began. Cole, was then arrested and taken to the LAPD's Van Nuys station at 5:20 a.m. Wait a minute, rewind...did anybody know that Keyshia Cole and Birdman were dating? -Penn

******Spoiler Alert: Penn's LAHH Hollywood Recap (Episode 1)*******

My recap of LAHHH (Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, episode 1)... E-cigarettes, stilettos, perky voices, parties, studio scenes...welcome to Mona Scott's third brand of the reality t.v. franchise on VH1 Mondays at 9 p.m. weekly. The hour-long show features, but is not limited to some names most people have heard before: Soulja Boy, Ray-J, Omarion, Fizz, Teairra Mari, Hazel-E and Young Berg. There are also some unfamiliar names: Princess Love, (Ray-J's current girlfriend,) Apryl, (Omarion's daughter's mother and girlfriend,) Nia Riley, (90's music genius Teddy Riley's daughter and love-interest of Soulja Boy,) and Ray-J's publicist Morgan. There is a rapper and two women shown fighting over him, but I have no idea yet who they are, especially since the scenes are from upcoming episodes. Lots of shade seems to be thrown towards Teairra Mari these days in the blogs for Rocafella dropping her from their roster in the early 2000's. People often have criticized Mari's singing-style and music choices, but when Rhianna had to re-record "Unapologetic ", because her vocals were once said to be too rugged, raw and off-key, millions of people still bought that record and several more albums too. Perhaps the public should give Mari a chance and Google her first before passing judgement. One must note, from the first episode, she is very entertaining, and as for her behavior--she's from Detroit. Enough said. Mari used to date Ray-J and seems very unhappy that he has moved on with Princess Love, who apparently, or still does strip for a living?
Omarion's mom, already called Mama O by the show's fans does not like his current girlfriend and daughter's mother Apryl. She makes that very clear by telling Apryl this in episode one. Mama O says Omarion stopped paying for his mother's health insurance once Apryl got pregnant with their newborn daughter Mega. Mama O sounds angry, upset and makes it known to Omarion that she does not like Apryl. Omarion tells the two women to work it out on their own. Soulja Boy claims to be in-love with Nia Riley and says they have been together for nine years, (or some ridiculously long time like that). Now Soulja Boy, you and Diamond from Crime Mob just broke up about a year or two ago, so....Anyway, Soulja Boy claims he and Nia have been "on and off," for years. Nia has a daughter from a previous relationship by the way. (Do you like how I slid that in there?) That's all I got for now. Actually, I could go on, but I definitely think you should watch the full first episode for yourself. It's actually pretty good. -Penn

The Aaliyah/Lifetime Biopic's Ship Set to Sail

This Shipp is sailing full steam ahead for the Aaliyah film, not an actual boat, but Nickelodeon's Alexandra Shipp will be playing the role of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, the sultry bluesy R&B singer who died in a tragic plane crash in 2001. The movie has already started filming with Shipp as Aaliyah and is set to be released by Lifetime on Nov. 15 of this year. There were many layers to Aaliyah's life, some public and some, not so public. It is unknown which aspects of her life Lifetime will include, such as her brief alleged marriage to scandal-prone R&B heavyweight R.Kelly, relationships with R&B heart-throb Ginuwine and former Roc-A-Fella records mogul Dame Dash. One thing is for sure, Aaliyah was loved by many family, friends, label-mates, other artists, public figures and designers. Plus, she still is. 

 Photo: courtesy of Lifetime (Shipp pictured in traditional '90s wear as Aaliyah in the studio.)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

***New Music Alert***Wale ft. Jeremih - The Body (Rated R for mature audiences only)

Congrats Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling on your Baby Girl!!!!

Congrats are in order to new parents, Hollywood players, and top-secret couple, (going strong since 2011,) Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, after Mendes gave birth to a babygirl on Sept. 12. Mendes, 40, and Gosling, 33, began dating back when they both starred in "The Place Beyond the Pines." The film coincidentally, features both actors playing love interests who end up having a son together. There is a saying that "art imitates life," or most times something close to it. Mendes is still currently the face of her own self-titled clothing line exclusively at New York & Company. -Penn (Photo courtesy of

***Throw back Thursday***: (What happened to these guys?) Field Mob - Sick Of Being Lonely (BET Edit)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

*****Mila J & Trey...hmmm...(A couple or nah?)*******

There is speculation going around that Tremaine Neverson, better known as, Trey Songz, may have his eye on R&B newcomer, Mila J, (Enter her break-out single: Smoke, Drink, Break-Up, or something in that order, lol,). The duo were spotted hugged up at Neyo's charity event in New York City last weekend, (the weekend of the 13th,)making eyes at each other. Songz has been linked to several notable public figures in the past. It must be noted that Trey is close with Mila J's younger sister Jhene Aiko, so it's no surprise that Trey would already know Mila J. The two have a single off his new album titled, "Disrespectful," and it's slated to be the new single for the album titled, "Trigga." What say you? Are they, or aren't they? Feel free to comment below in the comment section. Check out this #tbt of Trey and Jhene Aiko. She's braiding his hair in the picture. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Video courtesy of: DJ Rewind via Facebook Uh-oh, Team Lil'Kim may have a new weapon that they can use to detonate all of the Nicki Bots walking around, including the Queen of the Nicki-Bots herself---Ms. Minaj. In a two minute and forty-seven second video, a lead African-American actress looks and raps like Nicki, all while poking fun, at (pun-intended,lol,) Minaj's big-booty theme. The video even features a pretend cameo from a faux Sir-Mix-A-Lot, who clearly disapproves of the entire video and makes that very clear when he shows up. Does any one have the real Sir-Mix-A-Lot's phone number? It would be interesting to find out his take on the 2014 rip-off of his 90's hit, "Baby-Got-Back," which "Anaconda," (Minaj's version,) clearly samples from. -Penn Follow me on Twitter @penney_peroud

August Alsina Passes Out on Stage During a Performance in Manhattan

Fans definitely have love for Algust Alsina, after starting a hashtag on Twitter in his honor,(#PrayforAugust,) after footage circulated the web of him collapsing off of a stage in Manhattan, New York City. Alsina, suddenly went limp and fell off a stage on Monday Sept. 15th at Irving Plaza in Manhattan. In the middle of a performance, Alsina collapsed and fans recall security rushing to his side and then motioning for the music to stop. Shortly after, Alsina was moved backstage and the paramedics were called. Alsina then was taken to the hospital. Prayers definitely need to be lifted up for Algust Alsina. -Penn

Musiq Soulchild Reveals His Rap Alter-Ego "The Husel"

Musiq Soulchild is no longer the soul-artist that people are accustomed to hearing. He now goes by the pseudonym "The Husel." "The Husel", has said people can always expect his rap records to have auto-tune in them. Hmmmm...sounds like Soulchild fans are being hustled. -Penn

by Penn Peroud