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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

****Dame Dash to Sue Lee Daniels (Director of The Butler)****

     Dame Dash, (former Rocafella mogul,) filed a lawsuit in the New York Superior Court against filmmaker Lee Daniels, (The Butler, Precious). Dash claims that credits, ownership, along with millions of dollars is owed to him for giving Daniels $2 million dollars to produce the film "The Woodsman," according to Billboard. Dash claims he received a written agreement from Daniels that outlined terms, such as, executive producer credits, 50 percent of the rights on the movie, plus interest. At some point, according to Dash, Daniels asked to move the $2 million investment to a movie called "Shadowboxer." Dash believes that he is entitled to compensation from Daniels and is suing to get it back. The complaint to the NY Superior Court reads:

     "In exchange for keeping quiet about being owed money, to avoid bad press in light of Lee’s upcoming projects, and foregoing prompt payment on the personal guaranty, Lee, and Lee Daniels Entertainment, promised Damon, both orally, and in writing, that Damon would be given a producer credit and partial ownership rights to any and all of Lee’s projects — i.e., current and future TV shows and/or films — until Lee paid Damon back the $2,000,000.00 plus interest that Damon had originally invested with Lee."

     A few months ago, Dash allegedly filed the initial paperwork and asked for no less than $25 million dollars. Ouch. advice of the day: Mr. Daniels, go ahead and cut that man a check, so he can go on about his business. -Penn 

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by Penn Peroud