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Saturday, September 20, 2014


The NFL may be the new butt of sports jokes, but lately, these stories involving alleged abuse of any kind, whether against women, or child, ARE NO LAUGHING MATTER. First, let's talk about the most recent one, where Arizona Cardinal's player Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on assault charges in Arizona on Thursday Sept. 18, after his wife, (who hasn't been named in the police report, nor the pending case against him,) claimed that he head-butted her, after she fought back during a sexual advance from Dwyer, which are new details from a pending domestic abuse case against Dwyer. Dwyer is married to a Kayla Tobin-Dwyer, and has been married to her since September 2012. However, though the two ARE MARRIED, legally, and quite possibly for privacy reasons TOBIN-DWYER has not been listed as the woman on the police report, (nor pending case,) identifying her by name as the woman that Dwyer allegedly assaulted. On Wednesday Sept. 17 details from this incident were released by the Arizona Republic, after, according to a police report Dwyer allegedly violently confronted his wife on two separate occasions. Police say that back on July 21, Dwyer and his wife were in an argument after he asked her to remove her clothes. His wife repeatly told Dwyer to stop and he didn't. After Dwyer continued, his wife bit his lip. Dwyer, then head butted her in the face, which caused her nose to be fractured, according to police. Once police arrived at the scene, Dwyer left and his wife was still present. A witness called the police, after hearing fighting, but his wife claimed once the police arrived that she and Dwyer were fighting over the phone. His wife later left with their son and later returned after she received a text from Dwyer who threatened to kill himself. Dwyer's wife later told police that she initially denied the July 21st incident because she received a picture of a knife from Dwyer and a message saying he didn't want to live. There is definitely more to the domestic abuse drama between Dwyer and his wife. Check out the police report here. On July 22, there was a completely different incident between Dwyer and his wife, where he allegedly punched her in face, then through a shoe at her, which hit their son who was 17-months old at the time. The shoe luckily did not injure their son. After his wife said she would call the police, Dwyer threw her cell phone from the second floor. DWYER'S POLICE REPORT RELEASED FROM PHOENIX POLICE IN ARIZONA:
What in the world is going on with men in the NFL and their wives? Recently, Ray and Janay Rice were involved in a domestic abuse case, where Ray can be seen on video in an elevator knocking Janay out with one hit. (I'm not glorfying that in any way. The video was hard to watch and VERY disturbing, as he kicked in limp body and her dress rose up, under-wear showing and buttocks 75% exposed). SEE THE UPDATED ARTICLE BELOW FROM ESPN: YIKES... Then, recently Adrian Peterson was called out by police in Texas for alleged abuse against one of his children, where Peterson allegedly whipped the young 4-year-old boy with a switch, leaving red welts on his legs and thighs. The 4-year-old claimed that his father, Peterson, or as he called him, "Daddy Peterson," also whipped him on the private area. Peterson admitted to whipping his son, and even admitted that he was angry and may have gone too far. The boy's mother called the police on Peterson, after the 4-year-old boy told her his recount of what happened and showed her the marks left on his body. SEE THE UPDATED ARTICLE BELOW FROM ABC NEWS: What happened to football players staying to themselves and just, you know, PLAYING FOOTBALL? -Penn

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