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Sunday, September 21, 2014

*******Rumored Couple Alert: Lauren London and Rapper Nipsey Hustle*******

Photo: courtesy of Nipsey Hustle's IG account "I DRINK CHAMPAGNE WHEN I HUSTLE! I DRINK CHAMPAGNE WITH NIPSEY RUSSELL! I LOVE CHAMPAGNE...(DRINK IT IN THE RAIN!!!)" Does anyone actually remember Chris Rock's "I Love Champagne," song, a spoof of '90s and early 2000's rap videos and songs? That's clearly where rapper Nipsey Hustle got the inspiration behind his name, no matter what he may say. (FLASH BACK MOMENT...)
Anyways, he and actress (and mother of one of rapper Lil' Wayne's children,)Lauren London, may be an item, allegedly. The two have not officially confirmed whether or not they date, however there have been lots of subliminal social media messages floating around between the two. They never talk about each other in public, or claim each other in public, but the above photo was found and released, with Hustle affectionally calling London his "Loc." Awwww, isn't that sweet. -Penn

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by Penn Peroud