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Friday, September 19, 2014

******Spoiler Alert: Penn's LAHH Hollywood Recap (Episode 1)*******

My recap of LAHHH (Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, episode 1)... E-cigarettes, stilettos, perky voices, parties, studio scenes...welcome to Mona Scott's third brand of the reality t.v. franchise on VH1 Mondays at 9 p.m. weekly. The hour-long show features, but is not limited to some names most people have heard before: Soulja Boy, Ray-J, Omarion, Fizz, Teairra Mari, Hazel-E and Young Berg. There are also some unfamiliar names: Princess Love, (Ray-J's current girlfriend,) Apryl, (Omarion's daughter's mother and girlfriend,) Nia Riley, (90's music genius Teddy Riley's daughter and love-interest of Soulja Boy,) and Ray-J's publicist Morgan. There is a rapper and two women shown fighting over him, but I have no idea yet who they are, especially since the scenes are from upcoming episodes. Lots of shade seems to be thrown towards Teairra Mari these days in the blogs for Rocafella dropping her from their roster in the early 2000's. People often have criticized Mari's singing-style and music choices, but when Rhianna had to re-record "Unapologetic ", because her vocals were once said to be too rugged, raw and off-key, millions of people still bought that record and several more albums too. Perhaps the public should give Mari a chance and Google her first before passing judgement. One must note, from the first episode, she is very entertaining, and as for her behavior--she's from Detroit. Enough said. Mari used to date Ray-J and seems very unhappy that he has moved on with Princess Love, who apparently, or still does strip for a living?
Omarion's mom, already called Mama O by the show's fans does not like his current girlfriend and daughter's mother Apryl. She makes that very clear by telling Apryl this in episode one. Mama O says Omarion stopped paying for his mother's health insurance once Apryl got pregnant with their newborn daughter Mega. Mama O sounds angry, upset and makes it known to Omarion that she does not like Apryl. Omarion tells the two women to work it out on their own. Soulja Boy claims to be in-love with Nia Riley and says they have been together for nine years, (or some ridiculously long time like that). Now Soulja Boy, you and Diamond from Crime Mob just broke up about a year or two ago, so....Anyway, Soulja Boy claims he and Nia have been "on and off," for years. Nia has a daughter from a previous relationship by the way. (Do you like how I slid that in there?) That's all I got for now. Actually, I could go on, but I definitely think you should watch the full first episode for yourself. It's actually pretty good. -Penn

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