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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Video courtesy of: DJ Rewind via Facebook Uh-oh, Team Lil'Kim may have a new weapon that they can use to detonate all of the Nicki Bots walking around, including the Queen of the Nicki-Bots herself---Ms. Minaj. In a two minute and forty-seven second video, a lead African-American actress looks and raps like Nicki, all while poking fun, at (pun-intended,lol,) Minaj's big-booty theme. The video even features a pretend cameo from a faux Sir-Mix-A-Lot, who clearly disapproves of the entire video and makes that very clear when he shows up. Does any one have the real Sir-Mix-A-Lot's phone number? It would be interesting to find out his take on the 2014 rip-off of his 90's hit, "Baby-Got-Back," which "Anaconda," (Minaj's version,) clearly samples from. -Penn Follow me on Twitter @penney_peroud

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by Penn Peroud