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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yung Berg Claims to be a Major Ghostwriter in the Game, Self-Proclaimed "Hit-Maker"

      On Monday's latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Yung Berg mentioned on camera that he is a major "hit maker," and that he's working on Rhianna's new album, among other major names. Berg even claims that he not only produced, "The One," for Tamar Braxton, but that he also wrote the lyrics too. This is a claim that Tamar Braxton has gone on Instagram and slightly shaded Yung Berg for. He claims from an Instagram post of hers, that she has confirmed this. Here's the question: Do we really care who wrote "The One"? After all, the song spent several weeks at the top of the charts and the world is familiar with who Tamar Braxton is, but many people still are unaware who Yung Berg is. Anywhoo, Berg set Twitter ablaze with several memes circling around his self-proclaimed hit-maker," comments. -Penn
This video needs to say, "Yung Berg Be Like..." Lol.

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by Penn Peroud