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Friday, October 31, 2014

***The Top 8 Memes From #LAHHHollywood***[@Penney_Peroud Exclusive]

Laughter is the best medicine and these memes sure will keep you laughing. Check out some of the funniest Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood memes. Follow me on Twitter @Penney_Peroud  :) Thank you and goodnight. --Penn









Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keyshia Cole Dances On Top of a Piano for Birdman

The bird, bird, bird... the bird is the word...Ooh, love to love ya... Keyshia Cole wants you to know that she loves her some Birdman, CEO of Cash Money Records. After charges were recently dropped that the R&B crooner faced for assaulting a Cash Money employee, Ms. Cole recently posted footage of her dancing to Nicole Wray's "Eyes Better Not Wander," while on top of a piano. I wonder what the other R&B chicks in the game think... --Penn

#TBT: Black Street -- Don't Leave Me [Official Video]

When you bring in those publishing checks like Teddy did and still does, you end up not only having 10 kids, but writing the checks to take care of them. Touché Soulja Boy.

Benzino & Althea Fired from #LAHHATL

It's one thing to be let go from a show for a reason, but to find out that you've been let go from a show via the Internet and still for no reason, speaks volumes. Well this is exactly what happened to Benzino and Althea yesterday. VH1 has yet to release a statement on the recent staff change, and after Benzino contacted the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta staff, he confirmed the information for himself. He and Althea both believe that the show's creator Mona Scott-Young and its producers are siding with Joseline Hernandez who attacked most of the cast at the reunion taping. Messy. --Penn

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stream It. Listen to It. Critique It: Keyshia Cole, Point of No Return (The FULL Album)

Take a listen and tell me what you think, either comment on here, or inbox me privately. I want to know your thoughts on this album :-) --Penn

Rich Dollaz Locked Up During a Five Guys Burger Run

(photo courtesy of VH1)
During a run to a local Five Guys in New Jersey, Rich Dollaz, was arrested, after an officer pulled him over for double parking in front of the Five Guys in New Jersey. Once the officer got Rich Dollaz name, he then ran his information and a warrant for his arrest was out on the Love & Hip-Hop New York cast mate. It was all because Rich Dollaz had a pending $10,500 bill that hadn't been paid. The Dollaz Unlimited CEO was later released after "paying his debt in full," according to TMZ. He later went back to the same Five Guys because he was still hungry.

Listen people, I don't make these stories up. They're REAL. The world is a crazy place and there's always new material out there. Believe that. --Penn

7 Ways to Get Over H.I.M. (An Ode to Hazel-E & Teairra Marí) [Penn Peroud Exclusive]

It's not all good. He said he doesn't want you anymore. He's disrespectful. You don't have kid(s) together, so there's no reason to try and work it out on that note. You may have had an amazing moment or it may be still be amazing, every time you two get together after dark, but he still won't commit to you, or even admit that you two were an item. Oh no miss lady, it's time to let I.mmature M.essy (self) go and leave tire marks in his driveway after you leave.

#1. Accept what he is saying and read any texts, e-mails and/or dm social media messages that he may have sent to you aloud. Repeat aloud what he said when he told you that he didn't want you any more.

#2. Give him back his belongings, or if he doesn't want them, toss the items in a trash can. Delete old texts, messages, photos and even his phone number out of your phone. Don't reach out to him on social media. Pretend that he past away last year without saying it to other people. When you see him in public, walk right by him and don't speak, unless spoken to first.

#3. Pray that God helps you accept things that you cannot change, which is that he doesn't want to be with you. Ask God to help heal your broken heart and to help you make better decisions.

#4. Start hitting the gym, or choosing an exercise routine for you to do, i.e. yoga, Zumba, or walking regularly. If you can't do this, find a good daily cleanser to get on to clean your system out. You'll look better and feel better. Absolutely under no circumstance, should you go and get any plastic surgery, liposuction, implants, and/or any type of unnatural body altering procedure.

#5. Take a day and make it all about you. Go to the spa and get a nice Swedish massage, therapeudic or a deep tissue massage. Then, top that off with a mani and a pedi. You can also stretch the pampering out, for economic purposes. Go get your hair tossed or cut and colored at the salon. Take out the time to go and get a facial or buy a face mask from your local pharmacy.

#6. Change your look completely for the better. If you were a blonde when he met you, go get a professional to make you a brunette. If your hair was brown, go jet black. Go shopping and do some retail therapy.

#7. Find a hobby and/or start getting more involved with your career. The more hard work you put in, the more money you'll make and it will take your mind off of him.

Ladies, if you follow steps 1 through 7, I promise you'll be much happier and then by the time you're finished these steps, good things will come your way and you won't even bat your eye lashes twice about the hurt and pain you used to feel. --Penn

Timbaland & Wife Monique Mosley Get Back Together

It's always nice to hear of a reconciliation story between a couple and this time is no different. Timbaland made sure that he did what he had to, in order to keep his wife Monique Mosley happy. In turn, a court recently dropped the divorce proceedings that she filed last October 2013. Monique was going to take Timbaland to the cleaners asking for child support, life insurance and alimony among other payments. Well, it's always nice to hear a great story :-) --Penn

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rapper Cam'ron Puts Custom Ebola Mask on the Market

In lieu of an Ebola scare in New York, Harlem bred rapper Cam'ron Giles is selling Ebola face masks with his picture on them. His girlfriend JuJu is also selling the same ones with use for anyone wanting to keep germs or viruses away and not-as-much geared towards Ebola. The Dipset rapper is selling his Ebola face masks for $19.99 on his website in case you don't believe me. This may be one of the craziest things I've heard about concerning rappers selling things. --Penn

In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood Episode 6

This show is full of laughs. --Penn

***Couples Alert***Tyrese & Sanaa Lathan

Recently, Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan went out on a date to the Cheesecake Factory in Topanga, Ca. (last Wednesday). Sanaa took a picture of herself and put it online while she was at Tyrese's home in California. Allegedly, the two have been dating for years and are now ready to go public.

Sanaa Lathan (above,) at Tyrese's home in CA

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tiny Permanently Colors Her Eyes Light Gray

L to R: Tiny & Shakinah (hope I spelled her name right lol)

Rumors swirled on People buzzed. Well, Tiny herself has confirmed that after a recent trip out of country, she visited a doctor who performed the very risky procedure where a person is actually given eye implants and the surgery is considered very dangerous and loss of vision is one of the many risks. Recently Tiny's husband has been in the headlines for mending a beef between Snoop and Iggy Azelea, but not apologizing to rapper Azelea Banks. Hmmm... --Penn

Friday, October 24, 2014

***Beyonce & Jay-Z Renew Their Vows in Paris***

She's been dangerously in love. They've both been crazy in love together and the other day was no different. Jay-Z and Beyonce renewed their vows in Paris recently. No one saw this coming after a rocky past year, amid rumors of infidelity on both ends and an elevator incident between Solange and Jay-Z that went viral. The two are also reportedly house hunting in Paris. I see they have taken a page out of Halle Berry-Martinez and Oliver Martinez's book. --Penn

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nicki Minaj Dumps Long-Time Boyfriend & Hype-Man

If Safaree/SB hitting Nicki Minaj with a Louis Vuitton luggage suitcase didn't get her to leave, I'm surprised that his jealousy did. Who is Safaree? He was the boyfriend/hype-man of about 15 years to Nicki Minaj. He, (along with Fendi,) took her from nothing to something. Insiders close to the couple say and recently told that Safaree was becoming tired of being in Nicki's shadow and wanted to be able to come out from behind her shadow. Sources say that Safaree recently left Nicki solo at a concert and she didn't have a hype man, so Nicki became infuriated, only to blow up at Safaree who went off right back on her. The two split and this has been in the making for quite some time, hence the very revealing lyrics of Nicki's "Pills and Potions." --Penn

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Make-Ups to Break-Ups: Omarion Breaks Up With Apryl Jones

Mama O (Omarion's mom) is claiming that baby Mega is not Omarion's baby. She says that Apryl's ex, who is of Mexican descent, may have fathered the baby. Apryl is denying this. Omarion, on the other hand asked Apryl for a DNA test and Apryl refused, so he broke up with her. The two are denying these events, but Mama O is holding firm to her opinion that she doesn't like Apryl and that baby Mega may not be Omarion's. Stay tuned.  --Penn

A Letter to Fizz/ Top 5 Reasons He Should be with Moniece & Not Amanda

Dear Fizz (Drew),
     This is serious. I hope you read this, or I hope that someone reads this to you. You should really do some inner soul-searching and ask yourself: do you really want to be with Amanda? It's nothing wrong with wanting someone "new," and/or moving on from your son's mother, but ask yourself this, are you truly happy? If Amanda doesn't make you happy and you can't trust her, then why are you with her? (And that's not to say that Moniece would make you any happier because no one knows that, but you). Why not take out time to find out what makes you happy? While you're at it, why not work on strengthening the communication and positivity between you and Moniece?

Sn: I think that Amanda is going to continue cheating on you. I also think she's using you to make a name for herself.

(@Penney_Peroud on Twitter)

...That was me being unbiased, but now I'm about to be biased, lol. Check out my top 5 reasons why Fizz should be with Moniece:

1)Moniece is really pretty and looks like a model.
2)Nobody is a perfect person. Give her a chance to be in your son's life because she's his mom and she said she's trying.
3)Moniece has ambition. She's looking to start her own adult activities line. (Think the next Kandi Burruss.)
4)Moniece apparently has calmed down a lot from what her friends and acquaintances say on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.
5)Moniece is witty and sophisticated. She can throw shade without you even knowing it's shady outside.


Couples Tea [Exclusive]: Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick Never Broke-Up!!!

In case you forgot, over the summer there was so much drama going on with Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick and Basketball Wives LA cast-member Draya Michele, after Scandrick failed a drug test given to him by the NFL. Scandrick tested positive for Molly (ecstasy) and got into some serious trouble. He claimed that Draya slipped the Molly into his drink while they were out together once. Draya denied this. Anyhoo, straight from Draya, the two never broke up, they just hit a "rough-patch." --Penn

***New Couple Alert: Columbus Short & His New Boo***

Columbus Short has a new boo and her name is Rashida Rusel. The two met while he was in Barbados and decided to keep in touch when they returned to the U.S. Short even moved Rusel from New York to Atlanta, where he currently resides. Rusel says she's not scared of her new man's violent past because he's totally submissive to her and treats her like a "queen." Short is still legally married to his estranged wife and even threatened to kill her once. Now that's what I call a real-life Scandal... --Penn

Friday, October 17, 2014

In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Season 1, Episode 5

I really like this show. #LAHHH

Halle Berry Looking to Cut Her Daughter's Father Child Support Payments

   Halle Berry is paying major bucks to former model Gabriel Aubry, a whopping $16,000 per month in child support. Aubry is also the father of 7-year-old Nahla, whom Berry, 48, and Aubry, 39 share custody. Berry is seeking to reduce the child support payments to $3,000 per month citing that Aubry is no longer working and is living off of the child support payments. The monthly money is supposed to be set aside for Nahla's tuition, or until she turns 19 and finishes high school.

Sn: If I were Aubry, I'd go get a job, ask a judge to grant Halle full custody, file for visitation and just fall back because Berry's husband Oliver Martinez---has a mean right hook. Aubry knows that from experience.

Berry & Nahla on the left; Gabriel Aubry on the right

Thursday, October 16, 2014

T.I. Helps End Beef Between Iggy Azalea & Snoop Dogg

     Welp, it's about time. Snoop Dogg going in on Instagram by cyber-bulling Iggy Azalea was getting downright uncomfortable. There's nothing positive about a grown-man bullying a grown woman who hasn't said anything bad about him, nor anyone in his circle. It all started when Snoop posted an IG (Instagram,) photo on his IG of an Albino woman with braids with the caption, "Iggy Azalea with no make-up." He than continued by sending threatening posts, and even calling her foul names. Azalea responded by questioning why Snoop would do this when every time she saw him, he embraced her and showed her nothing but love. T.I. recently called Snoop on the phone and the beef quickly dissolved. Here's what Snoop had to say via his IG:
     "Hey boys and girls. I just got off the phone with my homeboy Tip, the king of Atlanta, and it’s officially over. No more bad talk. I apologize. Yeah I apologize. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. It’s over I’m back on my cool sh-t no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthemuch love @troubleman31trespect sorry bout that."
Iggy accepted his apology by the way.
(The above quote was copied directly from Snoop's IG and any typos from it and editing mistakes have been left to preserve the authenticity of the quote.)

Erykah Badu Makes $4 (or Close to it,) During a Times Square Random Performance

     Yesterday Erykah Badu performed at Times Square in New York City and made at or around $4.00. I'm not making this up. No word has been released yet on why Ms. Badu was singing and performing in the Big Apple, or why she only received about or close to $4.00, but I'm sure there is a reason behind this. --Penn
The footage:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kim K. is Not Here for Any Side-Chicks

    Fresh off of her soon-to-be divorce with Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, may have to look over her shoulder if she plans on working with Kanye West anytime soon. Allegedly, according to a very reliable source, Kim told Kanye that he is not to call Amber Rose for any reason. Kim also told Kanye that he can't work with Rita Ora, who has been known to hook up with both rappers and producers. Rita also dated Kim's brother Rob Kardashian and after they broke up, Rob's weight, nor personality has been the same, (that's not a good thing by the way). (Sighs...) Kim told Kanye that she "trusts" him, but just not those other chicks I just named. As the world turns... --Penn

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Reality T.V. and Public Figures (Before & After Surgery Pics) Pt. 1 (Faces Only)

Nikki Murdarris of LAHH Hollywood (Before & After) Pics

Hazel E. of #LAHH Hollywood

I don't understand why people go under the knife and something tells me, I never will. Check out these before and after pictures from some people that you read about or see, depending on which coast you live on, from day to day. You just might be surprised at the difference between their before and after pictures, lol. --Penn 

Bruce Jenner (Before & After) Pics
Sn: Be proud of who you are because God didn't make any mistakes when He chose you to be an original, why change your look to try and be someone else, as if you're a copy.
Kim. K. (Before & After) Pics; Photo: Celeb
Wendy William (Before & After) Pics; Photo: Celebrity Plastic Surgery News
Lil' Kim, The Real Queen Bee (Before & After) Pics
Nikki Minaj (Before & After) Pics

World Premiere: Ashanti featuring French Montana "Early in the Morning"

Is it just me or has Ashanti really been turning up lately? Check out the latest video from Ashanti and French Montana, "Early in the Morning." --Penn

T.I. Stops by Jimmy Kimmel to Perform his Latest Hit Singles

T.I . stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to make an appearance and perform his latest hit singles. T.I. is in the process of releasing his new album "Paperwork." The title sounds like a follow up-sequel to his album titled "Paper Trail," which featured the hit-single with Rihanna, "Live Your Life," "Whatever You Like," "Swagga Like Us," featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne. Some singles are available through already for purchase. "Paperwork" will be released next Tuesday Oct. 21, 2014. Here is the album work:

Check out T.I. last night on Jimmy Kimmel:

T.I. performs, "About the Money."

T.I. performs "No Mediocre."


Monday, October 13, 2014

****New Music Monday: Tinashe featuring A$AP Rocky, "Pretend"****

Check out the latest single and official video from Tinashe and A$AP Rocky titled "Pretend."

PS. If you missed Tinashe's first hit single for "2-On," then you can watch it here:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Are Expecting Their First Child Together (Allegedly)

Disclaimer: At, we post RELIABLE SOURCES of entertainment news, gossip and information. In the past, both Stevie J and Joseline have told multiple media outlets that they are married, yet not one media outlet has posted a marriage license, or been able to attain one via public records. Sip this tea at your OWN risk.

According to Joseline Hernandez's IG and allegedly confirmed by Stevie J to various reality t.v. personas, the controversial Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta couple are expecting their first child together. This is not the first time that Hernandez has been pregnant by Jordan. On the first season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Hernandez let the cameras film her taking a pregnancy test, telling Stevie she was pregnant, telling Mimi Faust, (Stevie's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter,) that she was pregnant. Let me also remind you that Stevie J (nee' Steven Jordan) owes over $1 million dollars in back child support according to the State of New York and

Get ready for a /VH1 spin-off to happen very soon. Mark my words. Mona will be laughing straight to the bank, but the question is, will you be watching? --Penn

Follow me on Twitter @Penney_Peroud

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet the Newest Addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta via Her New Video

Check out the latest video from new #RHOA cast mate Demetria McKinney (actress on House of Payne,) in her newest video "100," featuring Da Brat. McKinney reminds me of a R&B singer from the early 2000's Olivia/Nivea/Christina Milian era. Hopefully, her career lasts long. --Penn

To see her rendition of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," please click here:

Demetria McKinney "Drunken Love":

Do We Love It???: Jhene Aiko --The Pressure [official video] (Explicit)

Check out Jhene's latest video, "The Pressure." From what I hear, there's a lot of pressure to perform well in the music industry and many of them still don't live up to their hype, but she does. #workit #JheneAiko
(For more Jhene Aiko videos, please click here and visit You won't be disappointed.


BREAKING NEWS: Waka Flaka Flame Busted with Gun at Atlanta Airport

Waka Flaka Flame definitely wants you to know quite possibly that like Eric B. and Rakim, "he ain't no joke." The Atlanta based rapper and newest star of the ever-popular Love & Hip-Hop (Atlanta,) franchise, recently traveled into the Atlanta airport on Friday Oct. 10, where he was arrested after a gun was found inside of his carry-on bag at the ATL Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. According to an Atlanta Fox News affiliate, the rapper was charged with carrying a weapon in a prohibited space and then taken to Clayton County Jail, where he is awaiting to be charged. --Penn

Sn: In case you want to catch up on old re-runs of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, please click here: 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Paula Patton Files for Divorce from Long-Time Lover and Husband Robin Thicke

And another one, and another one...Another one bites the dust...Hollywood couples, that is.

Paula Patton, the estranged wife of Robin Thicke filed for divorce in last Thursday from the "Blurred Lines," singer according to TMZ and various news outlets. Patton filed for divorce at the LA County Courthouse and cited the ever-famous Hollywood multiple choice answer of "irreconcilable differences," after being married for eleven years. Patton did file for joint physical and legal custody of the two's son Julien Fuego. Even after Thicke named an album after Paula, and publicly expressed his love for her, it still wasn't enough. The two were high school sweethearts and Patton stayed with Thicke through many ups and downs in their relationship, until recently. Hopefully, the pair can remain civil and loving co-parents their son. --Penn

Better Times:

(Robin Thicke and Paula Patton together, not yet married)

Photo courtesy of Oprah's OWN, LLC.

Flash Back Friday: #FBF -- Usher - "Think of You"

This was Usher's first official video, (directed by Harold "Hype" Williams,) and radio single. I still remember seeing him perform this in concert in Philly. #ThrowbackUsherfan #90smusic --Penn

by Penn Peroud