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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7 Ways to Get Over H.I.M. (An Ode to Hazel-E & Teairra Marí) [Penn Peroud Exclusive]

It's not all good. He said he doesn't want you anymore. He's disrespectful. You don't have kid(s) together, so there's no reason to try and work it out on that note. You may have had an amazing moment or it may be still be amazing, every time you two get together after dark, but he still won't commit to you, or even admit that you two were an item. Oh no miss lady, it's time to let I.mmature M.essy (self) go and leave tire marks in his driveway after you leave.

#1. Accept what he is saying and read any texts, e-mails and/or dm social media messages that he may have sent to you aloud. Repeat aloud what he said when he told you that he didn't want you any more.

#2. Give him back his belongings, or if he doesn't want them, toss the items in a trash can. Delete old texts, messages, photos and even his phone number out of your phone. Don't reach out to him on social media. Pretend that he past away last year without saying it to other people. When you see him in public, walk right by him and don't speak, unless spoken to first.

#3. Pray that God helps you accept things that you cannot change, which is that he doesn't want to be with you. Ask God to help heal your broken heart and to help you make better decisions.

#4. Start hitting the gym, or choosing an exercise routine for you to do, i.e. yoga, Zumba, or walking regularly. If you can't do this, find a good daily cleanser to get on to clean your system out. You'll look better and feel better. Absolutely under no circumstance, should you go and get any plastic surgery, liposuction, implants, and/or any type of unnatural body altering procedure.

#5. Take a day and make it all about you. Go to the spa and get a nice Swedish massage, therapeudic or a deep tissue massage. Then, top that off with a mani and a pedi. You can also stretch the pampering out, for economic purposes. Go get your hair tossed or cut and colored at the salon. Take out the time to go and get a facial or buy a face mask from your local pharmacy.

#6. Change your look completely for the better. If you were a blonde when he met you, go get a professional to make you a brunette. If your hair was brown, go jet black. Go shopping and do some retail therapy.

#7. Find a hobby and/or start getting more involved with your career. The more hard work you put in, the more money you'll make and it will take your mind off of him.

Ladies, if you follow steps 1 through 7, I promise you'll be much happier and then by the time you're finished these steps, good things will come your way and you won't even bat your eye lashes twice about the hurt and pain you used to feel. --Penn

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