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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Letter to Fizz/ Top 5 Reasons He Should be with Moniece & Not Amanda

Dear Fizz (Drew),
     This is serious. I hope you read this, or I hope that someone reads this to you. You should really do some inner soul-searching and ask yourself: do you really want to be with Amanda? It's nothing wrong with wanting someone "new," and/or moving on from your son's mother, but ask yourself this, are you truly happy? If Amanda doesn't make you happy and you can't trust her, then why are you with her? (And that's not to say that Moniece would make you any happier because no one knows that, but you). Why not take out time to find out what makes you happy? While you're at it, why not work on strengthening the communication and positivity between you and Moniece?

Sn: I think that Amanda is going to continue cheating on you. I also think she's using you to make a name for herself.

(@Penney_Peroud on Twitter)

...That was me being unbiased, but now I'm about to be biased, lol. Check out my top 5 reasons why Fizz should be with Moniece:

1)Moniece is really pretty and looks like a model.
2)Nobody is a perfect person. Give her a chance to be in your son's life because she's his mom and she said she's trying.
3)Moniece has ambition. She's looking to start her own adult activities line. (Think the next Kandi Burruss.)
4)Moniece apparently has calmed down a lot from what her friends and acquaintances say on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.
5)Moniece is witty and sophisticated. She can throw shade without you even knowing it's shady outside.


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by Penn Peroud