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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adrian Peterson Rape Allegations, Charity Scam & Surplus of Women Exposed...

A report released by the Minnesota Star-Tribune this past Monday revealed that Adrian Peterson faces rape allegations and that his charity, The All-Day foundation, is a sham. This comes on the brink of Peterson facing charges of child abuse in front of a Texas grand jury, which the Minnesota Vikings knew of. Peterson is currently on paid leave from the NFL.

Peterson has been linked to a report of a hotel party paid for by his company All Day Inc. with a company credit card, that included, "drinking, arguing and sex," according to a lengthy police report, dating back to 2011. Peterson was at the hotel with two family members, his brother, and various women in different pairs. One of the women, (who says she knew Peterson previously,) told Peterson that she had feelings for him and didn't like watching him have sex with one of the other women. She told Peterson that she had feelings for him and he quickly reminded her that, (at the time he had a fiancée and a newborn at home). This led to an argumet between the two that reportedly lasted an hour. One of the other women soon immediately filed a report citing rape allegations that led to a police report the next day. Peterson's attorney released that Peterson passed a polygraph and drug test.

According to the Star-Tribune, Peterson's charity alleged that gifts were given to other charities and some careful research found this to be untrue. After some more digging, the newspaper found that Peterson was married earlier this year and that he also fathered six children with six different women. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud