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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drake Claims He Allegedly Got Exotic Dancer Jhonni Blaze Pregnant & Threatens Her Life

Warning: Mature adult audiences only. Sensitive subject matter below.

All those songs are starting to seem true...How Drake takes dancers from the club and seems to "save" them. Hmmm... Exotic dancer Jhonni Blaze spoke to Baller Alert exclusively about where her and Drizzy stand currently. It looks like no where as of now, since he sent people to her apartment to look for her and threatened her life. Dang Drizzy, you have to do better---threatening a woman's life though? Nothing is ever that serious. All of this stems from a fling between Jhonni Blaze and Drake recently.

Ms. Blaze called into a radio station in Houston and explained her side of the story. She described a relationship between her and Drake in which they were often having unprotected sex, per his request. She asked him why and he told her that he wanted to give her all of him. He also flew her to his hometown of Toronto before and would often come to her job to see her. It is rumored that the two began their romance once he and Rihanna combined spent $15,000 for about three hours worth of lap dances. Ms. Blaze also said she really had feelings for Drake and that the whole thing made her feel "embarrassed." Drake, even after having unprotected sex with Blaze, according to her, then started to see Blaze's friend who is also an exotic dancer. Drizzy flew her out to Toronto and then began to supposedly spend money on her. When Ms. Blaze asked about it, he argued with her and tried to come off like she was "crazy". That's when the threats began. Drizzy, according to Ms. Blaze may have been paranoid that she would talk to the blogs about his bedside manners.

Then Drake began to text her angrily and sent people from his camp to threaten her life. He also went to her job at V-Live in Houston and insinuated that she may be pregnant by him and got her fired. (Blaze was pregnant less than a year ago and fatally suffered a miscarriage). Jhonni Blaze wasn't home when he sent his " goons," but the two people with whom she lived--a mother and a small child were there and alleged that Blaze's life was threatened. Ms. Blaze reported Drizzy to the Houston police and filed a report. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud