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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Drake Update: Jhonni Blaze Says She Filed the Police Report for her Safety

Yesterday must have been a huge payday for Houston stipper Jhonni Blaze because she started talking to various media outlets and apologizing to Drake publicly for any stories that may have surfaced about her calling the police on Drake. She said once the men whom she didn't know showed up at her home, she thought the timing was strange considering she and Drake had just had a falling out around that time. She also retracted her statement and said Drake never got her fired. She said that she told V-Live of a health issue and needed time off and that they questioned it and she decided not to go back. Ms. Blaze also said that she and Drake still don't talk and she didn't like being made to look "crazy," so that's why she hopped on the radio recently to clear up things the other day regarding feeling some type of way about the threats and yesterday about just who exactly she called the police on. For the record,, never stated Jhonni Blaze was definitely pregnant. We said Drake claimed she was pregnant by him, and made sure to explain in the story that these were her claims. also shed some light on these claims too yesterday. What we do know are two things: Drizzy Drake should always practice safe sex and that he should lay off the $15,000 lap dances for a while, unless he plans on taking that same amount and doubling it, then giving it to The American Cancer Society as a donation, or any charity of his choice.

All I want to know Ms. Blaze is, how much was that hush money? --Penn

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by Penn Peroud