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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

****Fendi Claims Nicki Minaj was Brainwashed by Waka Flaka Flame's Mom****

No More Fendi for Nicki...Nicki Minaj and Big Fendi, also known as Fendi parted ways long ago and now her former manager is speaking out. Minaj no longer worked with him, Deb Atney, (rapper Waka Flaka Flame's mother,) and recently her hype man Safaree Samuels has been ghost, since the head Barb is charge has been seeking mega-stardom. Fendi sat down with the Breakfast Club and aired all of Nicki's dirty laundry, well come it, anyway. Here's what he had to say:

"Nicki started with me in 06-07. I met her on MySpace. I changed her name to Nicki Minaj. We started off like that. She’s actually still signed to my production company which is Dirty Money. I got the Young Money deal in like 70 days. When I got the contract Nicki started ducking me. Wayne gave me one of those Cash Money deals from the 80s–no royalties on it, no advance. I told Nicki I wasn’t going to let her do that to herself. She started crying. Nicki might have a better contract now, through all her grouping she found her way. I made Wayne host a mixtape called ‘Sucka Free’. We got the mixtape done. The President of Young Money then calls me and asked me why is Nicki out here on the ‘I Am Music’ tour without you. So I flew out, to a date they had in Chicago. I saw Nicki and was like, ‘What’s up?’ and she walked right past me. She was like ‘Oh, Deb [Atney] said..’ So I’m like this is a good deal…I had a plan to put it together. So Debbie called me up two weeks later like, ‘I like your artist. We need to set up a meeting.’ I had a birthday party in North Carolina, Debbie called me up and was like we can’t make the party on Sunday, can we fly Nicki to Atlanta? Nicki went out there and Debbie brainwashed her. Next thing you know, I get another phone call and she signed to Young Money,"

When Fendi was asked if he received any money from the Young Money deal, he responded:

"...Nah, I didn’t get no finder’s fee. I didn’t get nothing. Nicki tried to offer me a finder’s fee of $15,000, I laughed at it. [Safaree] hit me up telling me Nicki wanted to send him some money. I was excited. When she called me up I thought we was about to get right. I was scared to ask how much it was for. So I’m like OK cool. They asking for W-9s. I got a phone call from her accountant a month later and she said Nicki wanted to wire you some money. She was like $15,000. My feelings was hurt. I was like, ‘y’all can’t be serious.’ How do you create an image, put it together, bring it to life? I put her with Young Money, I did everything and she offers me $15K? The money actually came. But she’s been ducking me ever since."

Fendi went on to say,

"Actually I own the trademark for Nicki Minaj. I own, so in a minute you’re going to see a lot of things coming off those shelves. I can do whatever I want to do with it. How you a mega star and you don’t own your own domain name?"

In case you want to place a name with the face. Meet Fendi, also the current manager for veteran rapper Lil' Kim.

Check out the rest of the interview from Power 105.1 FM via You Tube.

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