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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet Mr. 'Chill'adelphia [Exclusive @Penney_Peroud Interview]

"It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder, how I keep from going under..." are the words that echo in hip-hop history from Grandmaster Flash's The Message, and those words today, may just do that among today's youth. They may echo, but they are not forgotten. Especially not when you have MC's on the rise with the likes of Chill Moody, who recently released his radio popular single with Mack Wilds, titled "Concrete Jungle." (Concete Jungle currently has a video rotating on MTV Jams, and can be found on Like many other MC's hailing from Philadelphia, Moody too has a story and I was graced with the opportunity to sit down with Chill, to learn more about him as an artist.

For starters, the name Chill, came from his aunt when he was only six months old. His aunt named him after a cartoon affectionately titled, "Chilly-Willy," because 'Chill,' as many family and friends, often call him, wouldn't cry often like most infants do. Later on when Chill began to rap, his cousin Hank, who also is the mastermind behind many of his beats advised him, "let's nix all these rap names," according to Moody.

And, on a chilly and misty day in September, when I asked him his government name, Moody smiled and looked away and said, "It's not important. Moody is my government last name."

True indeed, because the music carries on a persona of its own. I'm speaking of Chill's music that is---it leaves you wondering who the mastermind behind it is, and once you hear the name Chill Moody, all else seems to fade away.

And, a mastermind Chill is. Moody said, "I had raps in third grade talent shows and fifth grade talent shows. I rapped all through high school. It started picking up." Moody just isn't like most rappers though. Like rapper J. Cole, he too has a college degree to fall back on and he says it's in Public Relations from Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia bred rapper was able to utilize his background in PR to brand what he calls, "Nice Things." He said, "I want [nice things] to be an umbrella that everything is in--watches, hoodies, umbrellas," Moody also manages rising R&B Philadelphia-raised singer Beano, whom he also has a friendship with and often collaborates with musically.

As Moody looked out of the window at the restaurant we met up at, he said, "I need nice things to be everything. My goal is to be a household name. When you say Philly or hip-hop, you think of Chill Moody." So far, so good, you see, Chill Moody has a fan base titled, "The Chillumenati." Moody explained that things just started to happen for him randomly without him even having a clue of how, when, where, or who may have given him certain opportunities. "It [The Chillumenati,] sounds cool. People started calling me that. I did the Roots picnic twice," of which he mentioned hasn't happen to any other artist in Philadelphia yet.

In terms of what's next for the up-and-coming rap star, he said, "I'm working on a project with West Manchild. We're collaborating on it. It's called 'T.V. Made Me Do It. It's old nostalgic. It's old sh**. He flips beats, Transformer beats, Brandy Bunch...In a sense, it's a mixtape, but it's all original music. Hopefully, we can get it out by the end of this year."

Somewhere in the midst of the interview, I did what I do best, decided to shake things up a bit by asking Chill, who he would choose to date and/or who he could see himself with the most, out of K. Michelle, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, or Teyanna Taylor? His response was, "I'm tryna think what all 'em look like. I feel like I can have an actual convo with Nicki. The rest of them seem like they're attributed to drama. [But,] they're all beautiful."

I smirked and said, "are you sure you didn't say Nicki because of her body?"

Moody shook his head in a serious manner. "No, not at all."

Nice answer, nice indeed.


Chill Moody currently has "Concrete Jungle," featuring "Mack Wilds," on sale via I-Tunes and Amazon. Please support the single. I promise you won't be disappointed.#greatmusic #hiphop #Chillumenati

Rapper Chill Moody poses
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