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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rich Dollaz Locked Up During a Five Guys Burger Run

(photo courtesy of VH1)
During a run to a local Five Guys in New Jersey, Rich Dollaz, was arrested, after an officer pulled him over for double parking in front of the Five Guys in New Jersey. Once the officer got Rich Dollaz name, he then ran his information and a warrant for his arrest was out on the Love & Hip-Hop New York cast mate. It was all because Rich Dollaz had a pending $10,500 bill that hadn't been paid. The Dollaz Unlimited CEO was later released after "paying his debt in full," according to TMZ. He later went back to the same Five Guys because he was still hungry.

Listen people, I don't make these stories up. They're REAL. The world is a crazy place and there's always new material out there. Believe that. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud