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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Top 5 Rappers Who Look a Hot Mess & Need a Stylist

The top-5 "rappers," (please excuse me for using this term so loosely,) who always look a mess and should fire their current stylists, or just hire a stylist in the first place. Drumroll...

Sn from Penn: Is it just me or does there seem to be a correlation between their lack of rapping skills and fashion, or nah?

5. Chief Keef - That's the ish I don't like ---plain white tees and promoting violence and ignorance among the masses.

Chief Keef 
4. 2 Chainz - For someone always boasting about stealing someone's groupies and how many "garden tools," he has, he sure looks 'basic'ally-a-mess, lol.

2 Chainz
3. Birdman- (insert bird call here). See if Birdman would've hired Keyshia Cole as his stylist, then trust and believe, there would be no accusations.

2. Trinidad James - People keep saying that he has a Ph.D. I'm curious to know, in what? A playa-hater degree doesn't count. is on the case.

Trinidad James
1. Young Thug- This guy needs a subtitle for his interviews and especially his music. Young Money shouldn't have signed him unless he got a make-over on the Steve Harvey show.
Young Thug

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