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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Reality T.V. and Public Figures (Before & After Surgery Pics) Pt. 1 (Faces Only)

Nikki Murdarris of LAHH Hollywood (Before & After) Pics

Hazel E. of #LAHH Hollywood

I don't understand why people go under the knife and something tells me, I never will. Check out these before and after pictures from some people that you read about or see, depending on which coast you live on, from day to day. You just might be surprised at the difference between their before and after pictures, lol. --Penn 

Bruce Jenner (Before & After) Pics
Sn: Be proud of who you are because God didn't make any mistakes when He chose you to be an original, why change your look to try and be someone else, as if you're a copy.
Kim. K. (Before & After) Pics; Photo: Celeb
Wendy William (Before & After) Pics; Photo: Celebrity Plastic Surgery News
Lil' Kim, The Real Queen Bee (Before & After) Pics
Nikki Minaj (Before & After) Pics

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