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Monday, November 10, 2014

*** Amanda of #LAHHH & Her NFL "Friend"Spending Quality Time Together***

Recently Amanda Secor of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood hit Oakland with her NFL player friend Jonathan Dowling, (who recently had a daughter by another woman,) safety for the Oakland Raiders. Dowling is originally from Florida, where Secor has been catching flights to, without telling Fizz, her on again, off again boyfriend, (formerly of B2K,) who is also a cast member of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. Amanda told Fizz on the show that the "guy," who she was about to move in with in Florida, also the same guy Fizz saw her riding with, as he pulled up next to them is just a "friend." Though viewers haven't seen him on the popular VH1 show, reliable sources confirm that her "friend," is NFL baller Jonathan Dowling. As the Hollywood franchise of the show closes, the fate of Amanda and Fizz's relationship is still unknown... --Penn

Check out Jonathan's pictures below. Courtesy of Amanda's IG:

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by Penn Peroud