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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cosby & Hef, Plus the Big Payoff...[A Penn Peroud Exclusive]

The summer is a time for things to heat up. Sometimes flings and romances heat up too, but they're not supposed to when you're married. At least Bill Cosby didn't seem to care about his marriage during the summer of 1975, after Playboy Playmate Shawn Berkes came forward about an affair they had. Once the affair was done, Shawn revealed that she was pregnant with Cosby's child, who would later be born and named Autumn. He was partying hard with his longtime best friend Hugh Hefner. That's right---Playboy Hugh Hefner. Cosby was known to do whatever he pleased in the Playboy mansion and he was also known for his hot temper. Cosby had affairs with women in Vegas and even partied with swingers at the Playboy Mansion. Shawn asked for money to keep quiet about their secret love child, but later his daughter Autumn came forward and extorted Cosby for money about the situation and Cosby begged his wife for forgiveness. All of Hollywood knew Cosby was a serial cheater, but he had one man cover up his affairs, sexual advances and rape allegations. That man is Frank Scotti, a former NBC exec, who Cosby also had cover-up his womanizing ways during the 1984-1992 run of the Cosby Show. Between 1989-1990, Cosby paid off at least eight women privately and had Scotti pay them out at least $2,000 per month. One of these women was Shawn Berkes, who claimed that Autumn Jackson is Cosby's daughter. Cosby's silence over the past couple of weeks speaks volumes. --Penn

Source: Cosby, His Life & Times by Mark Whitaker and parts on Scotti via The New York Daily News.

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by Penn Peroud