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Thursday, November 13, 2014

***Janay Rice is About to 'Break the Internet' During her Interview with Matt Laurer ***

This Kim Kardashian-West nonsense about her "breaking the Internet," may be a hot topic on social media, but Janay Rice is about to truly "break the Internet." The wife of Ray Rice, who was also the victim of a very appalling and scary scandal caught on video from late 2013. The video has footage in which Janay is shown in an elevator being punched, falling unconscious, most likely from being punched so hard, being dragged out of the elevator and her limp body being kicked and rolled over by her current husband Ray Rice, only but to become the hot topics of millions of comments, memes, pictures, headlines, stories, articles and opinion pieces. Yet, Janay still stayed with her husband, after he was suspended for some games at first, loosing out on money to play during those games and then when the entire video surfaced a few months ago, Ray was immediately terminated from the Baltimore Raven's football roster.

Janay sat down with Matt Laurer today to discuss the incident, as well as any questions he had for her about Ray Rice. Laurer isn't giving too many details up about the interview because he is still shopping it around in hopes that someone will cut a huge check for the interview. Janay sat down with Laurer at her home that she shares with husband Ray Rice in Maryland. Ray was home at the time of the interview. Janay even hired a company called Franchon Parlor that specializes in make-up, hair and glamour to style her just for the interview. Once the interview airs, it will definitely break records because most of the world has made it apparent through social media comments that they do not understand why Janay is still with Ray Rice and even though domestic violence and abuse of any kind is horrible, it is ultimately only up to Janay whether or not she stays or leaves. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud