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Friday, November 7, 2014

Loyalty & Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood [Penn Peroud Exclusive]

Loyalty is everything, or is it? A lot of people these days don't know what it takes to have loyalty. Loyalty is defined as strong support or allegiance, according to an Internet definition on Google. Many people today don't understand that it is all about supporting one another. It's all about having someone's back when they call on you. It's staying true to someone when they are true to you. Loyalty is about being respectful and getting respected.

In the case of reality shows, loyalty seems to be nonexistent at times. A lack of loyalty has been the constant creator of conflict on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. For example, if Hazel recognized that Yung Berg never had loyalty towards her from day one of meeting her, she would have a totally different storyline on the show and be able to focus more on her music. If Masika had loyalty, she would have never even looked Yung Berg's way, regardless of his single-status. (He publicly humiliated Hazel E by throwing her purse and its contents.) If there was more loyalty between Fizz and Moniece, Fizz would have never left her side, no matter who may have labeled her as crazy, or even if she just fell on hard times like she stated. If loyalty occurred in the case of Moniece and Fizz, there wouldn't be an Amanda on the show. (She would be exactly where he found her, wherever that was.) And even if he just had to be with someone else, if he was loyal to himself, it wouldn't be a two-timing, lying, phony young woman looking for an instant scratch off way to success. If Mally-Mal had loyalty towards Nikki Murdaris, he would have never tried to step out on their relationship and tried to chase Masika. I could go on and on...but I won't. I suspect that Mona knew just what to do to stir this pot. --Penn

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