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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Game & His New Love [From the @Penn_Peroud Files]

And now here comes the truth...There have been rumors and reports of rapper The Game, (née Jayceon Taylor,) 34, (he'll be 35 on Nov. 29,) dating 18-year-old Instagram personality India Love (Westbrook). You'll probably say, "oh no, but he shot that down." Nope. I don't think so. Yes, he did shut those rumors down, by responding to an Instagram user angrily in true "The Game," fashion, but after several months of scrolling his personal timeline on Facebook. I have watched everything unfold and I'm squealing like an innocent bystander that spots Beyonce on a Saturday afternoon. The only reason why I can't show you screenshot pictures that both he and she took of her on a regular basis is that once he learned of my identity as a writer/blogger, he did just what an angry "Game," would do, and once I didn't rant and rave about what he wanted me to, (after he went off on a non-Game fan for saying that he was fake, and taking shots and cursing at The Game,) in addition to be shady and flirty, (relax it's in my personality to do so,) at the same time while revealing my identity.

He then covered his tracks by deleting my comment and then removing me from his friend list. Yawn. What's interesting though is that initially when I friend requested him at 12 a.m. my time back in April of this year, once I went to sleep, he accepted my request, nobly, I must note. Then began to send me several requests to like his other pages and even highlighting his charity work. I love when anyone is involved in charity work because I think that's huge. No, I am not interested in being anyone's bottom girl and flying out to LA to be a groupie. Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you what I saw.

1. The Game is almost always with India Love.
2. She usually lays pool side in a bikini and either she is taking selfies or someone is taking them and he posts them like clock work, with captions talking about either a party they are at together, or how her music is coming soon.
3. He constantly promotes her music and says that "a virus," is coming to take over music soon, referring to her career and says that people aren't ready for her yet.
4. Ever since India Love has been around The Game, his ranting about Leaux-Steez has lessened. It hasn't gone away, but it has lessened.
5. No other female models, eye-candy, not even Nicki Minaj screenshots have been on his time line since this India Love artist of his started coming around.

(Clears throat)

You tell me...


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by Penn Peroud