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Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Things Sony Needs to Do For the Holiday Season [@Penney_Peroud Exclusive]

Sony was definitely the "hostess-with-the-most-est," (yes I know there's no such word lol,) this year. Sony executives DEFINITELY were not thinking at all when they decided to finance a project starring James Franco and Seth Rogen titled, "The Interview," a movie about two journalists who plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Un. Wait a minute, YES HE IS A REAL LEADER and there has been REAL LIFE conflict between him and South Korea.

First of all, this movie should have NEVER, NEVER-EVER, NEVER-EVER, EVER been made. Yes, in America we have a such thing as freedom of speech. However, it is also poor taste for a movie director or company to actually name someone who is still alive and has had issues with threatening his own people before and other countries. It's not about fear. It's about respecting the living. If this person were dead or in a coma, it would be a whole different story. However, Kim Jong-Un is very much alive and healthy. In fact, Dennis Rodman is his best friend.

Without further adieu, 5 Things Sony Needs to Do For the Holiday Season...

5. Hire a powerhouse PR agency to clean up the mess of e-mail leaks and messy projects that they have released and announced that they will release.

4. Suspend the person who decided that they would give the director of "The Interview," the green light to film and move forward with the project, along with whoever wrote the script and added Kim Jong-El's name to it.

3. All of the Sony executives need to start donating money and time to three charities of their choice and make sure that the press is there to cover it. They also need to write a big fat check to an inner city youth program and/or HBCU. (I've got an HBCU in mind in particular that I'm biased to ;)

2. Sony execs need to buy their own private island and just live there for two to three years until this whole thing blows over and no one remembers it.

1. Sony execs need to issue an apology to all of the public figures that they talked about and throw them a free party in the Hamptons for their friends and family. Then, the execs need to go on a very longggggg vacation, one with passport stamps and not come back for a long time, for the safety of the country, since we've been threatened.


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