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Friday, December 19, 2014

***Dear Nicki Minaj + Fashionable Nicki [Photos]***

Nicki Minaj (nee Oneika Tanya Maraj & Safaree Samuels leaving an apartment in NYC in 2011)
Dear Nicki Minaj,
     Recently you spoke with Angie Martinez and I noticed somethings in your interview. The first thing is how hurt and devastated you seem over the break-up between you and your longtime boyfriend/hype-man of 15 years, Safaree Samuels. I also noticed that he seemed pretty upset about you two breaking up as well, when he released a statement. When I hear you speak about him, it sounds like you felt like another woman may have gotten between you two, or that he betrayed you in a hurtful and personal way, that you'd rather not share over an interview. I also noticed that you said that Safaree, some 15 years ago helped you heal from the relationship you were in before him and now "someone else", (a man,) is helping you sort out your feelings to get over Safaree. You never mentioned who, but you did say that you felt like you had two boyfriends and you didn't feel single, after Safaree and now with this "new person." Angie Martinez and other media personnel such as myself, noticed how much  you light up at the mention of Meek Mill's name and how you mention that he is "cool". I say this to say, if you truly want Safaree back, then you can have him back because did you really come 15 years with him, just to turn around, over some hurt and pain that most couples experience with a chapter that long? If you really love him, (because he recently mentioned he still loves you,) you'll get back with him, regardless of your "new guy," who's clearly getting in your ear and maybe in other things too. I just hope that you make the right decision because marriage and children, (sometimes definitely never in that order,) are FOREVER.

A Throw Back Flick of Safaree, Nicki M. & Friends
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For Cavalli's 2015 Campaign; Courtesy of Francesso Carrozzini 

For Cavalli's 2015 Campaign; Courtesy of Francesso Carrozzini 

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