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Sunday, December 14, 2014

J. Cole Visits a Fan in PA After Receiving a Tweet From Her Sister to Sign His Album [@Penney_Peroud Exclusive]

Imagine you or someone you know tweeting J.Cole, (nee' Jermaine Cole,) to come to your sign to sign your CD. Imagine J.Cole following that person on Twitter and then asking them to DM the address. This totally happened in real life on Friday December 12th to Lulie A. from Coatesville, Pa. Her sister tweeted J.Cole and asked him to come and sign her sister's CD. J. Cole tweeted back right away and then asked her sister to DM the address where she was, which she did. Lulie's sister, DM'd J.Cole the address and then he said he would be there, after he left New York. J.Cole arrived around 5 p.m. that day, but his tour bus could barely fit down the small block in the suburbs of Chester County, Pa. where the two sisters reside.

According to Lulie via questions that I asked her on social media, " He gave my sister a hug first and he asked us if we had food, so we gave him pizza! He chilled with us, took pics...talked for a while. He left around 6:30 ish! We really couldn't believe he ACTUALLY CAME! He was so calm and cool, it was impossible to be hype. He was extremely down to earth and welcoming. He asked us about our culture and about our mom. I seriously have soo [much] love and respect for him! This is truly unbelievable!" She went on to thank J.Cole and explain on Facebook to thousands of others that yes, that moment did really happen. --Penn

Peep J.Cole's new video, "Apparently," via this link, courtesy of


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