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Monday, December 1, 2014

****Janay Rice Breaks Her Silence Post Ray Rice Incident****

Janay Palmer-Rice is defending her decision to stay with her husband Ray Rice. Now that her husband Ray Rice has been reinstated with the NFL, a few interviews that Janay did in November are being released: one with ESPN (available online and via magazine,) and the other with The Today Show (airing today and tomorrow).

In the ESPN interview, Janay tells a detailed account of her and Ray's trip, how nothing seemed to go right and how she only wanted the trip to be the two of them. Ray insisted that his brother and his brother's girlfriend attend, along with another couple from Baltimore, attended a couple's spa massage with Ray and Janay. The couples also went out for drinks, sharing bottles with each other, (and Janay & Ray shared bottles with fans). After drinking and going their separate way from the other couples, Ray got a phone call. Janay then began arguing with Ray, as well as Ray arguing back with her. She reached for his phone and then he spat on her. Janay then slapped him. He then punched her really hard and Janay said she didn't remember what happened after that. She said she remembered going to jail, after getting up. Then, both she and Ray were told the whole thing was caught on video. Janay said she felt humiliated. Check out for the full interview. Be sure to watch The Today Show for Matt Laurer's interview. --Penn

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