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Thursday, December 4, 2014

***Masika vs. Nikki: Round One???!!!***

Masika claims that she beat Ms. Nikki-Baby up by punching her in the face during a scene of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood that never made the light by VH1. Masika claims that VH1 edited the scene out and that fans never got the chance to see her confront Nikki about her hand in the billboard in Hollywood that had Masika's face plastered all over it. That billboard is below:

Disclaimer: Please note at at, I do not condone that use of the word "t.h.**." whether being directed towards a man or a woman. It may come up as a word that many of the public figures/entertainers use to slander each other; however the website, nor the owner/editor does not endorse the word. Unfortunately, the word was used on the billboard, so I chose to edit it out. --Penn

Masika also asked VH1 via Twitter, why they decided not to show the alleged clip:

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by Penn Peroud