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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Those Close to Stephanie Moseley Shocked about Her Murder by her Husband

Photo: Paul Archuleta & Astrid Stawiarz
Tragedy is real and happens among entertainers too. This Monday VH1's Hit the Floor actress Stephanie Moseley was murdered by her husband Earl Hayes and then he turned the gun on himself. Friends and family close to Moseley say that the actress/professional dancer was "optimistic," about the relationship between she and Hayes. There were a few issues between the two that caused them to break up at one point a few years ago allegedly. Some time before Hayes wrote a rap song with chilling and horrendous lyrics detailing that he would kill Stephanie and how she mistreated him. Friends of hers say that she loved him and he loved her and never once struck her. A very tragic story. My prayers and condolences go out to both families of Moseley and Hayes. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud