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Thursday, December 4, 2014

***What Christian Bale Says on Him Possibly Playing Batman Again****

The caped crusader will be hitting the big screen soon, but not with Christian Bale under that mask. Ben Affleck will reprise the popular DC comics hero in "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," allegedly hitting theaters in 2016. Christian Bale recently told Esquire magazine that he wasn't even asked to do the role again. He said, "People were talking about this obscene amount of money they were saying was thrown at me. No, I haven't had a single conversation with anybody about ever playing that role again." The actor complained about the fight scenes in Batman that left him with a herniated disk. When the actor said last week in an Empire interview that a part of him always wanted to do another Batman film, upon learning that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Batman vs. Superman, Bale became silent and stared into space for about a half an hour. My sentiments and thoughts exactly. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud