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Thursday, January 29, 2015

****Breaking Ent. News: Ludacris Gets Physical Custody of His Daughter****

Ladies, be careful who you date, have relationships with and marry, especially in the ATL---more specifically if they have money. In the case of Ludacris (neƩ Christopher Bridges,) not only does he have a daughter, but a judge just granted him primary physical custody of Cai Bella, his daughter with his ex-flame Tamika Fuller. It is believed by many who know both parties of the custody battle involved that Luda went running to the altar to marry his wife Eudoxie, so the judge would rule in his favor. Primary physical custody only means that lost likely Cai will reside with Luda and spend the most time with him, but Tamika still gets a lot of time and has legal custody and rights too. Each situation varies by case and the rest of the details of this arrangement have been sealed by Luda's legal team.

Side cup of coffee: Luda claims in a separate paternity suite with Ms. Fuller that he can't and won't pay her $15,000 per month for child support because he makes a little less than $2,000 per month. Hmmm... --Penn

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

****Nikko's Wife to Join #LAHHATL *****

Mimi Faust recently confirmed that Nikko's wife will be a part of the new upcoming season of #LAHHATL on VH1. It came out towards the end of last season that Mimi's ex-boyfriend was married. Meet Margo, (Nikko's wife,) here:

Mimi also revealed that she is no longer dating, nor in a relationship with Nikko. The Atlanta native also claims to be very busy these days and working on several projects, including a book and a clothing line. --Penn

Monday, January 26, 2015

Let Her Live: [Confirmed] Mya Performed at G5, An Exotic Dancer Night Club in Miami [Photos]

Don't sleep on Ms. Mya. She brought you a lot of 90's-2000's hits that you know you'd dance to if someone played them, so don't act like you wouldn't :-) Ms. Mya was in Miami getting her paper right, so don't hate, or if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it, (make an emoji instead, lol). --Penn

Check out one of my favorite under-rated Mya video's, "Riding," below:


****Love Is In the Air: Meagan Good's Sister La'Maiya & Eric Bellinger Are Married With a Baby On the Way****

Congrats to La'Maiya Good and Eric Bellinger on getting married and having a son on the way. The married couple recently did a photo-shoot and seemed very much happy and in love. They also had a super-hero themed baby shower. Who knew? Anyways, congrats to them and check out the photos. Add me on Facebook: ThatJuicyTea and follow me on Twitter @Penney_Peroud ---> Thanks. --Penn 

 photo el2.jpg
La'Maiya & Eric (Photo:

 photo el7.jpg
Seven Streeter, La'Maiya & Eric (Photo:
 photo el4.jpg
Megan Good with DeVon Franklin and friends in the back (Photo:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

****#LAHHNY Reunion Spoiler Alert Involving Peter Gunz [A Must-Read!!!!]****

The Peter Gunz, Tara and Amina storyline will be the only lifeline besides Yandy and Mendeeces to keep the Love & Hip-Hop New York brand going. Just in time for the reunion taping, Peter Gunz was spotted in New York City buying an engagement ring for either his "current wife," (that he co-parents a daughter with,) or his "former wife-by default," (whom he co-parents two sons with). When Gunz was approached about who the ring was for, he said that he honestly didn't know and just was going to go with the flow and figure out who to give it to once they finished taping part one of the reunion, (whenever that is). This is one messy situation.

In case you missed Love & Hip-Hop Season 5: episode 3, I strongly suggest that you watch it. It's full of twists and turns. It will also leave you wondering if New Yorkers are really this dramatic all the time, or is this just for this show? (In my dealings, I personally think it's the show, by drama is EVERYWHERE in any state). Carry on... --Penn

***Alexandra Shipp to Play Storm in New X-Men: Apocalypse Movies***

Halle Berry won't be playing Storm anymore, due to the role calling for a more younger Storm. Bryan Singer cast Alexandra Shipp as Storm for the upcoming movies. Word on the street is that Halle's husband Oliver Martinez doesn't like Singer anyway, ever since substantial evidence hit Hollywood that says Singer is a known child-pedophile and molester. Anyways, good luck to Shipp in her new role. --Penn

Thursday, January 22, 2015

****New Video Alert: Jhene Aiko "Spotless Mind****

New Jhene Aiko...yasssss... :-) --Penn

Nicki Minaj Shades Young Money; Thanks fans for Their Support

The streets are talking and they are still saying that Birdman doesn't pay his bills. Several people have sued him including Juvenile the rapper and Mannie Fresh concerning royalties. Lil' Wayne just dropped a new mix tape and now Nicki Minaj went on IG dropping pictures/ subliminal shade most likely aimed at Cortez Bryant & the Universal execs, (the suits,) and Birdman. Nicki recently thanked her fans for their support and also mentioned that someone may have been stealing from her. She also hinted that though the "Pink Print" has been #1 on Billboard's rap albums lately, she's not seeing any of the money/benefits of such. Check out Nicki's comment below:

Check out the subliminals Nicki also posted these subliminals below: 

Uh-oh... --Penn

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

****TLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Their Last Album****

Due to Arista refusing to fund TLC's last album, T-Boz and Chilli have decided to go to the fans to help fund their last album and their fans have rose to the occasion, raising over $82,000 so far via Arista may have pulled the plug on the funding since the critically acclaimed VH1 biopic about TLC painted their manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid as being an undermining manager, which was backed by a lot of news articles and interviews done by TLC in real life, so I'm not sure where the slander is that Pebbles cried out to the media about. Anywhoo, check out the video below to find out more about the campaign, and for each amount that you give over $5.00, there's a corresponding prize. --Penn

T-Boz, Left Eye (rest in peace,) and Chilli at the height of their career
Here is the link for the campaign:

****Uh-Oh: D.Wade Caught in Amber Rose's IG Thirst Trap [See the Proof Here First]****

We knew somebody was going to get caught. No hating over here and no shade: nice model pics are nice model pics and for a mother to bounce back like that so quickly after having a child, a hand clap and kudos are the least somebody could do. It's just that over time, racy photos may have people wondering if they aren't strictly attention-seeking photos or self-esteem boosters. Either way, I say, everybody is different and, in the case of Wiz-Khalifa, one man's junk, is another married man's treasure.  --Penn

7 Moments From #LAHHNY (ep.3) That May Have Caused You To Throw a Potato at Your T.V.

7. Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz's pettiness. First of all, it was so obvious that Rich Dollaz wanted to get Erica Mena back when he met with Cyn Santana during episode three.
6. There's not a lot of love, (other than Mendeeces & Yandy,) on this show. There's a bunch of drama.
5. Why does Crissy keep changing her hairstyles? The curly blonde ombre style is one that she should keep because it looks really good on her.
4. Why didn't Chrissy's friend that she met up with not have on any make-up when they met up? She couldn't find some lip gloss tint to put on before being filmed? I'm just saying...
3. Rich Dollaz knew that he was so full of dog poop when he looked at the camera and swore that he wasn't trying to be smart towards Erica Mena in giving her ex a role versus Mena. Yeah, okay...
2. Didn't Chink Santana look like Bobby Brown last night? Why didn't he get the role in that Whitney biopic that Lifetime did? He also looked like Martin Lawrence in some scenes too and...nevermind...
1. It was totally inappropriate for Peter Gunz to bring up Tara at all when her name is a stressor for his pregnant "wife," who's in labor. If you were never serious about Amina, why change her last name and get her pregnant? --Penn

Monday, January 19, 2015

****5 Topics or Questions That Amber Rose's Recent Seductive Photos May Raise****

5-- ...Whether or not women who are mothers can or should publicly display their bodies for public attention.
         Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have publicly displayed their bodies before giving birth and after                giving birth. They have both received a lot of criticism for it and still are.
4-- ...Whether or not it is appropriate for those who are mothers to publicly display their bodies for public attention.
          Number four depends on who you ask. I personally don't think it's a good idea, considering social media keeps these Amber/Kim pictures floating around that could have been otherwise burned in the early and late '90's.
3--Just what exactly is it that Amber Rose does? What are her future career plans other than being occasion eye-candy on social media?
2---Is Amber Rose truly happy with herself, after her attempt to continue being Wiz's wife or at least his girlfriend, (without the side-chicks/strippers,) didn't work? He saw her recent social media/IG pictures and his response was something I'm sure she wasn't going for, (to go from being acknowledged as a wife, to not an ex-wife, but a baby's mother, when she was once married to Wiz.

1-- ...That men cheat on their girlfriend/spouses regardless of how good looking and/or good to their men that they are. Look at what happened with Halle Berry and Eric Benet. --Penn

Saturday, January 17, 2015

****Karrine Steffans Tips Christina Milian Off About Weezy Creeping With Ashlee Monroe****

Get your popcorn and sodas, this is about to turn into a mini-movie. Karrine Steffans recently took to Instagram to shade, who many blogs thought was pop singer Christina Milian, but was actually a new young woman that Weezy F, (Lil' Wayne,) has been linked to named "Ashlee Monroe," (I'm not sure if this is her real name, but this is her user name on Instagram). Ashlee recently posted a picture of her inside of Lil' Wayne's bed clinging on to the sheets, seeming topless underneath, with the caption, (I am typing it verbatim, please excuse her grammar): "He say I'm a difficult woman #tunechi.. He love this difficult woman #AshleeMonroe #loversandFriends..... Now have a couple [insert three emoji seats) so please #turndown Just the volume [insert a happy face crying, hand with the peace symbol and girl emoji] #girlbye."

When Steffans posted a picture of a street sign that said, "Wayne," with a shady caption, Ms. Milian seemed to get offended and felt like Steffans was taking shots at her.

She then clapped back, with quite a few posts, including:

They went back and forth quite a bit and Lil' Wayne has yet to say anything to address the real task at hand, which is: why was another woman in your bed, (Ashlee Monroe,) if you are publicly claiming Christina Milian as your woman? Why is the woman in your bed arguing trying to shade your ex-flame by arguing with her just because and your new woman by taking pictures in your bed, but more importantly, why is she there in the first place? Ugh, old habits are hard to shake I see... --Penn 

Friday, January 16, 2015

****Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Divorce Peacefully and Quietly****

Nick Cannon filed the final paperwork to divorce his estranged wife Mariah Carey. According to TMZ, Nick Cannon quietly filed the divorce paperwork on Dec. 12th, around the time that Carey was supposed to pre-tape for the 82nd Rocafella Plaza Tree Lighting. The former Mrs. Nick Cannon recently secured a gig with Las Vegas Caesars palace to complete a residency there where she would sing and perform gigs beginning May 6th. Cannon agreed not to discuss the details of their divorce both because he promised not to, to protect his children and for legal reasons. I wish both of them the best. --Penn

****Say What Now: Stevie J. Indicted for Not Paying Over $1 Million in Child Support****

Pay your child support and your taxes or Uncle Sam is coming for you... Stevie J (nee Steven Jordan,) seems to not seem to understand the concept of paying all of his child support, or maybe he just didn't care. Stevie J. now faces two years in prison after failing to pay over $1 million in back child support to his ex-girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett, and then being indicted by a grand jury in court recently. He won't be arraigned until Feb. 10th and is currently serving a 30-day rehab stint after violating his probation twice by testing positive for marijuana and cocaine. --Penn

Stevie J. and his children

Thursday, January 15, 2015

****Good Riddance: Sorority Sisters Allegedly Won't Be Renewed by VH1****

Are you surprised by this? You shouldn't be. VH1 hasn't confirmed officially yet that it cancelled the controversial "Sorority Sisters." According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the last three episodes of the show will air Friday night around 11:10 p.m. (EST). Though VH1 hasn't commented on it, the public protests of traditionally African-American Greek lettered organizations may have contributed to the show's timely demise. Twitter and Facebook protesters roared with anger begging VH1 to cancel the show. Mission complete ;) --Penn

****How #ScaffBeezy & #NickiMinaj Ended: Oh The #Drama****

The details of a break-up can get very ugly...especially when two people are in the spotlight often. Recently Scaff Beezy (SB,) sat with The Breakfast Club to give all the deets on why he and Nicki Minaj broke up, (SB broke up with her by the way,) amongst his upcoming happenings.

First of all, here's something that was talked about on other major entertainment sites, a lot of mainstream rappers lusted for her publicly and a few had the nerve to pop up in her phone inappropriately, (which at the time was a complete waste of time, because she was only loving SB). Meek Mill and Drake were the main culprits. Nicki had already been introduced to Nicki by SB. Coincidentally, when SB and Nicki were on the rocks, Nicki mentioned being in a love triangle and liking two people at once. Then, she admitted that though she wasn't sure where her and SB stood romantically, she had already moved on with Philly rapper Meek Mill.

SB claims that he ended it with Nicki and that he wrote most of her raps. He said that he and Nicki share a company called "My Pink Friday productions. Even though they worked together, SB told the Breakfast Club that Nicki treated him nore like employee. That's a shame. A lot of women wish they had a man who can hype up a crowd onstage, write your raps, co-own a business with them like you and SB do---(Pink Friday Productions,) and book your shows. Minaj had that and blew it. --Penn

SB at his recent Power 105 (The Breakfast Club) Interview

Monday, January 12, 2015

****B.O.B. & Trey Songz - "Not For Long [Official Video]"****

It sounds like B.O.B. is coming at Mack Wilds short relationship with Seven Streeter in this 80's-vibed fun collaboration. You did know that Bobby & Ms. Streeter were dating, didn't you? Well if you didn't know, now you do ;) --Penn


****Foxy Brown Set To Appear On Lee Daniels' Empire****

Foxy Brown's name is definitely buzzing in the streets these days. Brown, (nee Inga Merchand,) is set to star in an upcoming episode of Lee Daniels' mixed-reviewed show, "Empire." Brown went to the show's red carpet party last month and was in the midst of everything, plus was all smiles. Brown recently took to Instagram to express her happiness with having a role on the new urban drama. Hopefully, Daniels' isn't using Brown as a pawn to try and stereotype black women by making them stand front-wards in a negative light. Hopefully Brown is given a chance to truly sign as a budding new actress and will have a chance to star in a re-occurring role on "Empire." This could all be wishful thinking because the views expressed about "Empire," from those on my time line stated that "Empire," either was very stereotypical of the African-American community or was critically acclaimed by music industry fans, and these views were very much divided. --Penn

Sunday, January 11, 2015

****Trend Alert: Dress Must-Have Styles for Winter and Spring Evening Events**** [@Penney_Peroud on Twitter Exclusive]

Check out these dresses that are glamorous. When you go out to a club or a lounge, wearing a nice short or medium-length dress is a must. Enjoy :-) --Penn P.S. Don't forget to like "That Juicy Tea" on Facebook and share my posts. Thanks :-)

***So Sad: Shots Rang Out During Chris Brown's Performance in San Jose, CA***

Chris Brown can't seem to catch a break. If he's not being shot at literally, then he's being shot at figuratively by other public figures and even his current on again/and off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Early Sunday morning at a San Jose, CA nightclub called Fiesta, five people were shot and wounded. Brown later took to his Twitter account to tweet, "I'm 100," which was later deleted, according to the San Francisco Gate and the San Jose Mercury News. Brown was all set to perform for hip-hop station 106 KMEL's alleged "birthday bash." Four people were taken to a hospital and a fifth person admitted their self after being shot; all our expected to survive with the gunshot wounds not being life-threatening. Several people were detained by the police in connection with the shooting. After watching the clip of how everything unfolded, I must say that there needs to be tighter security both on stage, in the audience and at the door of any concert, ESPECIALLY a CHRIS BROWN concert, where at the pre-party to last year's VMA's Suge Knight was shot six times while at a Chris Brown pre-party. When will the senseless violence end? --Penn

Sn: It bothers me that Chris did not tweet out any concern so far for the victims who were shot. Smh.

by Penn Peroud