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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7 Moments From #LAHHNY (ep.3) That May Have Caused You To Throw a Potato at Your T.V.

7. Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz's pettiness. First of all, it was so obvious that Rich Dollaz wanted to get Erica Mena back when he met with Cyn Santana during episode three.
6. There's not a lot of love, (other than Mendeeces & Yandy,) on this show. There's a bunch of drama.
5. Why does Crissy keep changing her hairstyles? The curly blonde ombre style is one that she should keep because it looks really good on her.
4. Why didn't Chrissy's friend that she met up with not have on any make-up when they met up? She couldn't find some lip gloss tint to put on before being filmed? I'm just saying...
3. Rich Dollaz knew that he was so full of dog poop when he looked at the camera and swore that he wasn't trying to be smart towards Erica Mena in giving her ex a role versus Mena. Yeah, okay...
2. Didn't Chink Santana look like Bobby Brown last night? Why didn't he get the role in that Whitney biopic that Lifetime did? He also looked like Martin Lawrence in some scenes too and...nevermind...
1. It was totally inappropriate for Peter Gunz to bring up Tara at all when her name is a stressor for his pregnant "wife," who's in labor. If you were never serious about Amina, why change her last name and get her pregnant? --Penn

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by Penn Peroud