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Thursday, January 29, 2015

****Breaking Ent. News: Ludacris Gets Physical Custody of His Daughter****

Ladies, be careful who you date, have relationships with and marry, especially in the ATL---more specifically if they have money. In the case of Ludacris (neƩ Christopher Bridges,) not only does he have a daughter, but a judge just granted him primary physical custody of Cai Bella, his daughter with his ex-flame Tamika Fuller. It is believed by many who know both parties of the custody battle involved that Luda went running to the altar to marry his wife Eudoxie, so the judge would rule in his favor. Primary physical custody only means that lost likely Cai will reside with Luda and spend the most time with him, but Tamika still gets a lot of time and has legal custody and rights too. Each situation varies by case and the rest of the details of this arrangement have been sealed by Luda's legal team.

Side cup of coffee: Luda claims in a separate paternity suite with Ms. Fuller that he can't and won't pay her $15,000 per month for child support because he makes a little less than $2,000 per month. Hmmm... --Penn

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by Penn Peroud