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Monday, January 12, 2015

****Foxy Brown Set To Appear On Lee Daniels' Empire****

Foxy Brown's name is definitely buzzing in the streets these days. Brown, (nee Inga Merchand,) is set to star in an upcoming episode of Lee Daniels' mixed-reviewed show, "Empire." Brown went to the show's red carpet party last month and was in the midst of everything, plus was all smiles. Brown recently took to Instagram to express her happiness with having a role on the new urban drama. Hopefully, Daniels' isn't using Brown as a pawn to try and stereotype black women by making them stand front-wards in a negative light. Hopefully Brown is given a chance to truly sign as a budding new actress and will have a chance to star in a re-occurring role on "Empire." This could all be wishful thinking because the views expressed about "Empire," from those on my time line stated that "Empire," either was very stereotypical of the African-American community or was critically acclaimed by music industry fans, and these views were very much divided. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud