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Thursday, January 15, 2015

****How #ScaffBeezy & #NickiMinaj Ended: Oh The #Drama****

The details of a break-up can get very ugly...especially when two people are in the spotlight often. Recently Scaff Beezy (SB,) sat with The Breakfast Club to give all the deets on why he and Nicki Minaj broke up, (SB broke up with her by the way,) amongst his upcoming happenings.

First of all, here's something that was talked about on other major entertainment sites, a lot of mainstream rappers lusted for her publicly and a few had the nerve to pop up in her phone inappropriately, (which at the time was a complete waste of time, because she was only loving SB). Meek Mill and Drake were the main culprits. Nicki had already been introduced to Nicki by SB. Coincidentally, when SB and Nicki were on the rocks, Nicki mentioned being in a love triangle and liking two people at once. Then, she admitted that though she wasn't sure where her and SB stood romantically, she had already moved on with Philly rapper Meek Mill.

SB claims that he ended it with Nicki and that he wrote most of her raps. He said that he and Nicki share a company called "My Pink Friday productions. Even though they worked together, SB told the Breakfast Club that Nicki treated him nore like employee. That's a shame. A lot of women wish they had a man who can hype up a crowd onstage, write your raps, co-own a business with them like you and SB do---(Pink Friday Productions,) and book your shows. Minaj had that and blew it. --Penn

SB at his recent Power 105 (The Breakfast Club) Interview

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