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Saturday, January 17, 2015

****Karrine Steffans Tips Christina Milian Off About Weezy Creeping With Ashlee Monroe****

Get your popcorn and sodas, this is about to turn into a mini-movie. Karrine Steffans recently took to Instagram to shade, who many blogs thought was pop singer Christina Milian, but was actually a new young woman that Weezy F, (Lil' Wayne,) has been linked to named "Ashlee Monroe," (I'm not sure if this is her real name, but this is her user name on Instagram). Ashlee recently posted a picture of her inside of Lil' Wayne's bed clinging on to the sheets, seeming topless underneath, with the caption, (I am typing it verbatim, please excuse her grammar): "He say I'm a difficult woman #tunechi.. He love this difficult woman #AshleeMonroe #loversandFriends..... Now have a couple [insert three emoji seats) so please #turndown Just the volume [insert a happy face crying, hand with the peace symbol and girl emoji] #girlbye."

When Steffans posted a picture of a street sign that said, "Wayne," with a shady caption, Ms. Milian seemed to get offended and felt like Steffans was taking shots at her.

She then clapped back, with quite a few posts, including:

They went back and forth quite a bit and Lil' Wayne has yet to say anything to address the real task at hand, which is: why was another woman in your bed, (Ashlee Monroe,) if you are publicly claiming Christina Milian as your woman? Why is the woman in your bed arguing trying to shade your ex-flame by arguing with her just because and your new woman by taking pictures in your bed, but more importantly, why is she there in the first place? Ugh, old habits are hard to shake I see... --Penn 

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by Penn Peroud