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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nicki Minaj Shades Young Money; Thanks fans for Their Support

The streets are talking and they are still saying that Birdman doesn't pay his bills. Several people have sued him including Juvenile the rapper and Mannie Fresh concerning royalties. Lil' Wayne just dropped a new mix tape and now Nicki Minaj went on IG dropping pictures/ subliminal shade most likely aimed at Cortez Bryant & the Universal execs, (the suits,) and Birdman. Nicki recently thanked her fans for their support and also mentioned that someone may have been stealing from her. She also hinted that though the "Pink Print" has been #1 on Billboard's rap albums lately, she's not seeing any of the money/benefits of such. Check out Nicki's comment below:

Check out the subliminals Nicki also posted these subliminals below: 

Uh-oh... --Penn

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by Penn Peroud