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Thursday, February 26, 2015

****Rich Dollaz Bailed Out for Owing $200,000 in Child Support****

Rich Dollaz, (Richard Trowers,) was arrested again, this time nearby his North Bergen, New Jersey residence. Trowers was arrested in connection with two separate child support orders: one for $188,000 and another for $12,000. A judge from Hudson County ordered that Trowers pay $82,000 in cash in order to post bail. According to Chaundrea Nicole, one of his children's mother, he has not paid child support in 14 years for their daughter, who is 14 years-old. The Love & Hip-Hop cast member posted bail the other day, but the local authorities in his area, wouldn't say who posted bail on his behalf. --Penn

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

****Guess Which Fast And Furious 7 Actor is Going to Be a Dad + Official FAF7 Trailer [Video]****

Guess which Fast and Furious 7 Actor is going to be a dad---again???!!! Actor Vin Diesel and his long time girlfriend Paloma Jimenez will soon welcome their third child together in Los Angeles, CA. Diesel recently told Universal the news and that he would not be able to make the movie's premiere in Abu Dhabi. The studio then moved the movies' Abu Dhabi premiere to LA, so that the actor wouldn't miss anytime from his family and the arrival of his bundle of joy. Vin is ecstatic that he is going to be a father again and so is his girlfriend. Congrats to those two lovebirds. Awww :-)

Here's the official Fast and the Furious 7 Trailer below. Rest in peace Paul Walker. May God watch over and comfort his family and close friends.


****Wiz Khalifa Drops Racks on Racks at The Strip Club With Snoop, After His Son's B-Day****

Wiz Khalifa is dating Delicious (Flavor of Love,) and it's no secret. Plus, he recently expressed his frustrations with his ex-wife and not being able to see his son Bash on Bash's birthday. He claims that he called Amber Rose, who never returned his calls, and says that he and his family were waiting for Rose to drop their son Sabastian (Bash) off to Wiz's for a birthday party. Meanwhile, Amber Rose was out with her friends, family and Bash, seeming like they didn't have a care in the world. Later that night, Wiz hit the King of Diamonds in L.A. with Snoop Lion, (formerly Snoop Dogg). (Sigh...) Iyanla, can you give Wiz a call please? --Penn

Sunday, February 22, 2015

****Leo DiCaprio Throws Rihanna a 27th Birthday Bash [Photos]****

Things may be heating up between your favorite bad-gal and 90's-2000's actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Neither have confirmed that they are dating, but the pair have been creeping around and trying to avoid the paparazzi for quite some time now. --Penn

Rihanna's friend, (If I knew her name, I would definitely add it :/), Rihanna & Queen Latifah

Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Nicki Hilton

Saturday, February 21, 2015

****Rest in Peace to Ahmad "Real" Givens Who Recently Died at 33 After Battling Colon Cancer****

After a long battle with colon cancer, Real, 33, passed away recently from the disease. His brother Chance confirmed the sad news to TMZ. TMZ was also told that after a family visit Friday, Real was having trouble with his speech and vision. His family felt that the end of his time here on Earth was near and he passed away hours later. Real was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer back in 2013. He was most known for being a contestant, along with his brother Chance on "I Love New York," then getting his own reality show with his brother Chance called, "Real Chance of Love." Both of the brothers also had their own rap group named, "The Stallionaires."

My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends. May he rest in eternal peace. --Penn

Brothers Chance & Real (pictured L to R)

****5 Reasons Why Kanye West Needs to Have Several Seats When Judging Others****

" It's very hard for a woman, you know to uh, wanna be with someone who's with Amber Rose. So she was (saying?) nothing... I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim." --Kanye West

5. Kanye West was dating his longtime girlfriend and fiance' Alexis Pfeiffer, and then broke-up with her for Amber Rose.

4. Mr. West was in a relationship and in love with Amber Rose who obeyed all of his high-diva demands, including in their personal life and bedroom.

3. Kanye West was thinking about pursing Kim Kardashian since he was with Alexis Pfeiffer, but wasn't sure if he would ever link up with her, considering she didn't know him well. When thinks went sour with Reggie Bush and them Kris Humphries, he jumped at the chance, even though he was still in a relationship with Amber Rose.

2. He has a horrible sense of style and people around him should tell him that. I don't think that the fashion world has ignored him because of race, or his profession as a producer and rapper. I think it's because they don't want body stockings, wig caps, cut off sweatshirts, and over-sized matching sweatshirts and sweatpants in neutral colors to come in style. It's whack--period.

1. Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian was still seeing Kanye West while she was married to Kris Humphries. She made her way into the public eye, after an a leaked private tape with her ex-Ray-J became public.

There's a saying that says, "you shouldn't throw stones at others, while living in a glass house." Yeah, Kanye, they were talking about you living in that glass house. --Penn

In Case You Missed It: Here are some highlights from Kanye's interview with the Breakfast Club. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

***Amina & Peter Gunz Go Back & Forth via IG about Amina 'Snitching' on #LAHHNY***

Drama on #LAHHNY......and I'm totally here for it. On the latest episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, Amina dropped a huge amount of salt into Peter's old games and Tara's heart, by telling Tara that Peter slept with maybe four or five women allegedly one night after hanging out with a group of his old co-workers/acquaintances. Peter recently told Amina via social media to "stop snitching," in so many words.

I would love to tell Peter Gunz this: First of all, if Amina's truly your wife, then she's not snitching to your ex-girlfriend, right? Okay, that's because in your heart Amina is NOT really your wife and is because of a piece of paper, but you don't treat her like your wife. You still care about Tara and would love to be with Tara and you only want Amina to keep quiet, so that you and Tara may have some glimmer of hope. Start being real with yourself first, before you jump the gun (pun-intended,) and marry some artist that you were creeping in the studio with, because that's what it was and now it's a bigger mess, because you brought new life into the world that has to endure the pain you inflict on others. --Penn

Monday, February 16, 2015

****Ray-J & Princess Love Have Domestic Violence Spat in New Orleans****

Ray-J and Princess Love haven't broken up yet, but he does have broken ribs from Princess Love attacking him. Apparently, Princess Love didn't like that Ray-J stayed out all night with some strippers at a local club. Once Ray-J came back to a hotel where Princess Love was, things went real sour fast. Princess Love allegedly had several cracked ribs, a busted lip and torn ACL, after running out of a room that Princess Love was in screaming "I'm going to kill you!" Princess Love was arrested for domestic abuse and battery. She didn't stay in jail long, due to Ray-J bailing her out and spending $10,000 on a lawyer. Ray-J then traveled to New York for NBA All-Star weekend over this past weekend. --Penn

Sunday, February 15, 2015

****Ludacris Wife is Pregnant--1st on the Way for Her; Makes Number 3 for Luda****

The rumors are swirling around Ludacris' recent custody battle with his ex-girlfriend Tamika Fuller, whom he has a 13 month old daughter named Kai with. Ludacris was recently granted full physical custody of his second daughter. During the custody battle, Tamika claimed that Luda rushed to the alter to marry his then fiance because he wanted to try and make himself look like the more stable parent, (which actually in Atlanta or anywhere else is a waste to do because judges look at various things. Word on the street is that in Atlanta, you toss your lawyer a lot of money and they know the judges and make sure you win). Anyways, Luda claims that Tamika's lifestyle was not appropriate to raise a young child and alleged Tamika having a lot of debt, but then told a judge that he only makes $2,000 a month. Hmmm....

Anywhoo, congrats to Luda and Eudoxie. She's six-months pregnant by the way. --Penn

****Faith Evans Calls for Squashing Almost Two Decades of Beef with Lil'Kim****

I love a happy ending, especially when it involves a catty beef between two talented women---Lil' Kim and Faith Evans. During All-Star Weekend, Diddy brought out acts such as, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Faith Evans, Lil' Kim, The Lox, Jermaine Dupri and 112 for a mini-concert on Thursday Feb. 12th. During the concert, Faith seemed relaxed knowing that Kim was in the building and even took to Instagram to snap a picture during the concert and address Lil' Kim that she is over the beef and it is old. Hopefully, Lil' Kim will do her part and acknowledge Faith and that the beef is over. --Penn


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

****Gang Fight Breaks Out at Justin Bieber's Home During Meek Mill's Party****

There's never a dull moment in Hollywood. Following Diddy's Supper Club party, Breezy left and went to Meek Mill's party at Justin Bieber's glass mansion. Bieber moved out a while ago, and Meek has been leasing the property for about a week. Some rival gangs were at the party and began fighting and trashing the home. Over 1,000 people were at the party, (Nicki Minaj and Khloe Kardashian among the guests present.) The police were called and everyone ran out of the home into the neighborhood around it. No arrests were made. --Penn

Monday, February 9, 2015

****The Best Photo Moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards****

The 2015 Grammy Awards were a snoozer. The photos from last night though, weren't. --Penn


Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Kanye, Kim

Katy Perry

Pharell & LL Cool J, (LL hosted the Grammys). 

Rihanna & Blue Ivy

Beyonce & Jay-Z (Blue Ivy's parents)

Adam Levine & Gwen Stefani

Thursday, February 5, 2015

****Yikes: Teddy Riley Being Sued for $1.9 Million****

Teddy Riley (née Edward Theodore Riley,) is being sued by his investors and possibly charged with federal fraud and conspiracy. He allegedly scammed investors from thousands of dollars totaling about $326,480. Riley's company, "The Receivables Exchange," allegedly did not auction off receivables to investors to allow them to collect on owed debts. One point nine million dollars is a lot of money. Uh-oh. --Penn

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

****4 Things Kevin McCall Wants You to Know About He & Eva Marcille****

4. About two to three months after meeting Eva Marcille, she became pregnant with their daughter Marley

3. The former couple met during a Chris Brown concert while Kevin was on stage performing his verse on "Deuces."

2. The two went from being madly in love to arguing a lot, once Eva began to pressure Kevin to marry her while she was pregnant and he told her that he just wasn't ready yet.

1. The arguing escalated and then Kevin kicked down a door at his own studio, but claims that he never laid a hand, nor did he abuse Eva Marcille and that she knew this, but had already gone to the media and the courts with her story and filed a restraining order. Kevin McCall claims that she came to him and asked him to keep quiet about it and said that the whole thing would go away and moved in to reconcile, but since she never told the media that the things about him weren't true, they parted ways.

That's deep.


****Young Thug Says That Jay-Z is Too Old to be Rapping****

This could and will get ugly. Rapper Young Thug of YMCMB, (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires,) the only rapper baby is promoting and releasing albums for right now, did a recent interview with GQ magazine. Here's a snap shot from it...

GQ: "Are you a music lifer?"
Young Thug: Yeah, I’ma be here forever. I don’t want to rap forever. But I want to be rich forever.

GQ: "Why not rap forever?"
Young Thug: "I don’t want to be 50 years old and rapping, man. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to do that. I’m pretty sure Jay Z don’t wanna rap right now."

GQ: "Why is it such a young man’s game?"
Young Thug: "If you’re 30, 40 years old, you’re not getting listened to by minors. Like, Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age. By the time I turn that old, I ain’t gonna be doing what he’s doing."

First of all, this conversation should have never happened until Young Thug has had at least four certified diamond albums released and three successful businesses owned. This sounds like Birdman is behind this...


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

****5 Reasons Your Hair is on Fleek Because of Madam C.J. Walker****

5. You have little fly-aways, so you use pomade or gel to make sure its laid. Guess what? Madam CJ Walker, (born Sarah Breedlove,) and made her own pomade to help women's hair lay down.
4. Madam C.J. Walker had a scalp ailment that caused her to have hair loss, but that didn't deter her from having beautiful hair.
3. Walker invented the heated comb, also known as the "hot comb," to straighten women's hair.
2. Walker opened up a factory and beauty school in Pittsburgh in 1908.
1. Walker was the first self-made woman millionaire, who made her fortune from African-American hair care products.

***Meet 50's New Chick Tatted-Up-Holly + The Scoop on Them***

50 Cent has a new chick and he definitely seems to have a new type: over-done IG video vixens. Fresh off of allegations that he assaulted "Tatted-Up-Holly," he now reportedly checks her Instagram dm's and she lets him. ASAP Rocky dm'd Holly and then 50 clapped back calling him a racial slur and belittled him by calling him a "boy," who can't afford Holly's Bentley lifestyle. ASAP told 50 to calm down because he has nothing but respect for him and was just inspired by a beautiful woman and to stop beefing over this, making rappers look silly. At least ASAP kept it 100. --Penn

****Warren Sapp Arrested in Arizona During the Superbowl Festivities****

Well, well, well...looks like Warren Sapp was arrested over the weekend for soliticing some high-end escorts for prostitution. He also allegedly assaulted the two women regarding their payment. This all happened in Phoenix, Arizona during the Superbowl festivities. The NFL network fired Sapp from being an analyst on the network. Sapp also reportedly engaged in.similar prostitution activities including assault allegations in 2010 in Miami during the Superbowl time. Smh. --Penn

by Penn Peroud