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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

****4 Things Kevin McCall Wants You to Know About He & Eva Marcille****

4. About two to three months after meeting Eva Marcille, she became pregnant with their daughter Marley

3. The former couple met during a Chris Brown concert while Kevin was on stage performing his verse on "Deuces."

2. The two went from being madly in love to arguing a lot, once Eva began to pressure Kevin to marry her while she was pregnant and he told her that he just wasn't ready yet.

1. The arguing escalated and then Kevin kicked down a door at his own studio, but claims that he never laid a hand, nor did he abuse Eva Marcille and that she knew this, but had already gone to the media and the courts with her story and filed a restraining order. Kevin McCall claims that she came to him and asked him to keep quiet about it and said that the whole thing would go away and moved in to reconcile, but since she never told the media that the things about him weren't true, they parted ways.

That's deep.


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