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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

***Amina & Peter Gunz Go Back & Forth via IG about Amina 'Snitching' on #LAHHNY***

Drama on #LAHHNY......and I'm totally here for it. On the latest episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, Amina dropped a huge amount of salt into Peter's old games and Tara's heart, by telling Tara that Peter slept with maybe four or five women allegedly one night after hanging out with a group of his old co-workers/acquaintances. Peter recently told Amina via social media to "stop snitching," in so many words.

I would love to tell Peter Gunz this: First of all, if Amina's truly your wife, then she's not snitching to your ex-girlfriend, right? Okay, that's because in your heart Amina is NOT really your wife and is because of a piece of paper, but you don't treat her like your wife. You still care about Tara and would love to be with Tara and you only want Amina to keep quiet, so that you and Tara may have some glimmer of hope. Start being real with yourself first, before you jump the gun (pun-intended,) and marry some artist that you were creeping in the studio with, because that's what it was and now it's a bigger mess, because you brought new life into the world that has to endure the pain you inflict on others. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud