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Sunday, February 15, 2015

****Ludacris Wife is Pregnant--1st on the Way for Her; Makes Number 3 for Luda****

The rumors are swirling around Ludacris' recent custody battle with his ex-girlfriend Tamika Fuller, whom he has a 13 month old daughter named Kai with. Ludacris was recently granted full physical custody of his second daughter. During the custody battle, Tamika claimed that Luda rushed to the alter to marry his then fiance because he wanted to try and make himself look like the more stable parent, (which actually in Atlanta or anywhere else is a waste to do because judges look at various things. Word on the street is that in Atlanta, you toss your lawyer a lot of money and they know the judges and make sure you win). Anyways, Luda claims that Tamika's lifestyle was not appropriate to raise a young child and alleged Tamika having a lot of debt, but then told a judge that he only makes $2,000 a month. Hmmm....

Anywhoo, congrats to Luda and Eudoxie. She's six-months pregnant by the way. --Penn

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by Penn Peroud