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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

****Young Thug Says That Jay-Z is Too Old to be Rapping****

This could and will get ugly. Rapper Young Thug of YMCMB, (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires,) the only rapper baby is promoting and releasing albums for right now, did a recent interview with GQ magazine. Here's a snap shot from it...

GQ: "Are you a music lifer?"
Young Thug: Yeah, I’ma be here forever. I don’t want to rap forever. But I want to be rich forever.

GQ: "Why not rap forever?"
Young Thug: "I don’t want to be 50 years old and rapping, man. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to do that. I’m pretty sure Jay Z don’t wanna rap right now."

GQ: "Why is it such a young man’s game?"
Young Thug: "If you’re 30, 40 years old, you’re not getting listened to by minors. Like, Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age. By the time I turn that old, I ain’t gonna be doing what he’s doing."

First of all, this conversation should have never happened until Young Thug has had at least four certified diamond albums released and three successful businesses owned. This sounds like Birdman is behind this...


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by Penn Peroud