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Monday, March 16, 2015

***7 Things We Learned From Watching Season 7, Ep.17 of #RHOA***

7. Claudia Jordan is seriously considering stand-up comedy. She told Gary from The Rickey Smiley show that she is considering a career in stand-up comedy.
6. Dr. Jeff gets those checks!!! Many reality shows and documentaries have featured Dr. Jeff as a guest psychologist/ counselor on their television show(s).
5. Kandi felt like Phaedra just should have come to talk to her first, instead of Kandi finding out through the other #RHOA women.
4. Dr. Jeff's therapy session didn't help the dysfunctional #RHOA crew.
3. Phaedra feels like she has way more money than she has friends.
2. Kandi told Phaedra for the first time that she felt like a failure when she had to cancel her play dates.
1. Nene doesn't have many friends, because if she did, they would have advised her not to wear her blonde signature hair, styled like this:

Screenshot taken by me (Penn)


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by Penn Peroud