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Saturday, July 25, 2015

****LAHHATL: Season 4, Episode 13 (Full Episode) Drama, Drama, Drama****

Check out a full episode of #LAHHATL below: -Penn

***Fifty Ordered To Pay More Millions to Levinson--One of Rick Ross' Baby Mother***

After pulling a bankruptcy stint, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, still has to pay Rick Ross' baby mother Lastonia Levinson $5 million dollars, and as of now --AN ADDITIONAL $2 MILLION DOLLARS, according to a jury in New York City. The jury said one of the reasons for their ruling was that Jackson did not seem sincere during his testimony and was winking at some of the jurors. According to the New York Daily News, Levinson's lawyer originally requested $1.5 million for punitive damages and Jackson's lawyer James Renard, offered $700,000. This case went to trial, after 50 leaked a sex tape with Levinson without her permission on to his website and the Internet. 50, c'mon, you need to mind your business and stop disrespecting women. Now you have to pay up... --Penn

Thursday, July 23, 2015

****Why #Bambi Seemed Un-Bothered While Being Flirty With A New Guy****

Bambi's (#LHHATL) career may need a life line, or two and not because she doesn't have talent or potential, but because she's taken a two-year break to focus on her roller-coaster love of a relationship with Lil' Scrappy (#LHHATL). In a recent #LHHATL clip, she debuted a music video with up and coming artist Laudi. The video seemed extremely flirty and Bambi seemed extremely eager to "get back in the game" as she put it in the clip. Rasheeda, who is friends with Scrappy seemed a bit suspicious that Scrappy didn't attend Bambi's video release party. Hmmm...

Sn: The catch 22 about dating a rapper or any public figure/or any popular notable person who's online/real-life presence may overshadow yours is that you run the risk of people erasing your identity to become (insert popular person's name)'s girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are seeking to maintain or elevate your own identity publicly, this may become HIGHLY frustrating to not have your own individual name.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

***Benzino and Thi-Thi Drop Big News in the A****

Benzino, owner of Hip-Hop Weekly and Thi-Thi are still going strong and very much in love, a source says.

The couple are expecting their first child soon, on around November 10th, 2015, the couple told In-Touch recently. They are expecting a baby boy and Thi-Thi is five months pregnant. Congrats to them! May God bless their growing family. --Penn

***Future Shades Ciara; Ciara Claps Back--Russell Unbothered***

Last night on Twitter, shade was definitely in the air. Future's interview with Marc Lamont-Hill was released, in which Future claims that God didn't tell him to wait, in the case of his relationship with Ciara. (Pause). 
Let's look at this from a spiritual perspective, God knows everything and all of our weakness, so if God knows that your passions drive you not to wait, he either isn't going to say anything to you, because you probably don't belong to Him, or is going to tell you, but you aren't going to listen. Not judging--just pointing some thing out. Since God knows all of us, I'm sure He knew Baby Future would come out of Future and Ci-ci's failed relationship, but things happen and change with people all the time, such is life. 

Anyways, Ci-Ci clapped back via Twitter telling Nayvidius (I'm sure I spelled it wrong and what a horrible name by the way,) saying, "some person is so dishonest and ignorant that they don't deserve a response." She made a grammatical error and should have said "some people," but never mind that, we CAUGHT the shade. Russell responded to Future's shenanigans with a Bible verse and shouted out "his girl," (Ciara). What a night! --Penn @Penney_Peroud on Twitter 

Monday, July 13, 2015

***The Current Scoop on Nas' daughter's mother --Carmen Bryan***

According to reliable sources, Nas' daughter's mother Carmen Bryan is not doing too well since the release of her tell-all book, "It's No Secret," some years ago. The book detailed a love-triangle between her, Jay-Z & Nas. Bryan is allegedly homeless and asking for friends around Queens, N.Y. to help her and telling stories about hip-hop's golden age--the '90's. She has also been asking for favors from her acquaintances and "friends" in Los Angeles. Bryan has allegedly never held a job at all. Bryan has collected child support from the legendary rapper over 18 years and has recently been cut off from receiving child support funds, since their daughter Destiny is older and is now bringing in her own income with her lip gloss line.

Sn: take a cue from Shaunie O'Neal who not only put money to the side while she was married to Shaquille O'Neal, (who was cheating during their marriage,) but started her own show (Basketball Wives on VH1).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Hate it or love it, Omeeka is here to stay until either the next new rapper comes along and Nicki sees a better opportunity, or she gets pregnant, they get married, or another woman comes between them. Nicki planned this from the jump, believe-you-me. As I reported before, she mentioned that on the brink of her break-up to SB, she was seeing another guy who captured her heart. Don't expect the couple not to capitalize off of rap ballads together with the expectation of both fan bases to support their joint ventures. Expect things to be careful, planned out and not random and sporadic, because the last thing they want to do is kill either of their careers. The only reason why they are replying to Joe Budden is because they want to prove to the world that they are both wildly in love. They both may be in love, but whoever said it was with one another? --Penn

Sunday, July 5, 2015

***Pretty & Delicious (#PND): The #Book coming soon by @Penney_Peroud / #Snippet #2 Released****

Snippet #2 of 2 of Pretty & Delicious (#PND) by Penn Peroud - Copyright 2015 - 2016
“Listen,” M.P. put his hands on Priscilla’s shoulders gently. He looked her in the eyes. “You’re real pretty and you already know that, but you’ve got to stop this groupie love. Stop chasin’ after me, like I’m a pork chop you want to eat for dinner. That’s not cute. You had your chance and you blew it, now excuse me, I’m tryna dance here,” he brushed her off and walked away.
Priscilla scratched her head.
“Did he just…” she said to herself.

Did he just brush me off in a club full of people? 

            #PND is a fiction urban contemporary-drama novel featuring entertainment, sex, romance, suspense and love between friends and acquaintances. Pretty & Delicious, coming soon to a bookstore and online for your reading enjoyment. In case you missed the first snippet: He thought about the adult video that he and Heather made three weeks 
ago. His heart sank. He was angry and upset at the same time. M.P. knew Heather was upstairs waiting for him to give her some of his loving, but the only thing he wanted to do was yell at her. He would never hurt her, but he was really angry right now. He decided to sit down on his couch until he calmed down.

“I just wanted to let you know what was going on,” Daneeka said.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and its entirety and is already copy-written by the Library of Congress. Any similarities, direct and blatant use of, small use of anything in this book, including, but not limited to the characters, song titles, title of the book, etc. will result in legal action.


***7 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman When You Date Her*** (@Penney_Peroud)

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman When You Date Her by @Penney_Peroud on Twitter

7. “You remind me of my grand mom ________.”
               My reply if I ever heard this: Okay? Would you like a glass of milk and cookies with that b.s.?
6. “That color is nice, but I prefer _________.”
               My reply if I ever heard this: well then, you need to make an appointment for me to get it our favorite color.
5. “Why don’t you ever get your nails done baby?”
Note: To anyone dating a woman, NEVER SAY THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR CASH, DEBIT/CREDIT CARD in hand and plan on getting them done for her right after.
               My reply if I ever heard this: (see note).
4. “Your jeans aren’t tight enough.”
               My reply if I heard this being as though I usually always wear tight jeans, lol: The key is for me to not have to visit Walgreen’s or Duane Reade for YI cream.
3.  “Bae—did you gain some weight? You seem a bit on the fat side.”
               My reply if I heard this: Duck. (Just kidding, lol). No seriously duck because any respectable woman won’t hit you, and I hope you won’t hit her either, but her male cousin or brother just might.
2. “Bae, she’s cute right? (points to another woman in real life or on t.v.)
               My advice to you: Be quiet. Go read a book or something.

               My advice to you: Run.

--Penn @Penney_Peroud on Twitter; That Juicy Tea on Facebook

by Penn Peroud