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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

***Future Shades Ciara; Ciara Claps Back--Russell Unbothered***

Last night on Twitter, shade was definitely in the air. Future's interview with Marc Lamont-Hill was released, in which Future claims that God didn't tell him to wait, in the case of his relationship with Ciara. (Pause). 
Let's look at this from a spiritual perspective, God knows everything and all of our weakness, so if God knows that your passions drive you not to wait, he either isn't going to say anything to you, because you probably don't belong to Him, or is going to tell you, but you aren't going to listen. Not judging--just pointing some thing out. Since God knows all of us, I'm sure He knew Baby Future would come out of Future and Ci-ci's failed relationship, but things happen and change with people all the time, such is life. 

Anyways, Ci-Ci clapped back via Twitter telling Nayvidius (I'm sure I spelled it wrong and what a horrible name by the way,) saying, "some person is so dishonest and ignorant that they don't deserve a response." She made a grammatical error and should have said "some people," but never mind that, we CAUGHT the shade. Russell responded to Future's shenanigans with a Bible verse and shouted out "his girl," (Ciara). What a night! --Penn @Penney_Peroud on Twitter 

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by Penn Peroud