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Monday, July 13, 2015

***The Current Scoop on Nas' daughter's mother --Carmen Bryan***

According to reliable sources, Nas' daughter's mother Carmen Bryan is not doing too well since the release of her tell-all book, "It's No Secret," some years ago. The book detailed a love-triangle between her, Jay-Z & Nas. Bryan is allegedly homeless and asking for friends around Queens, N.Y. to help her and telling stories about hip-hop's golden age--the '90's. She has also been asking for favors from her acquaintances and "friends" in Los Angeles. Bryan has allegedly never held a job at all. Bryan has collected child support from the legendary rapper over 18 years and has recently been cut off from receiving child support funds, since their daughter Destiny is older and is now bringing in her own income with her lip gloss line.

Sn: take a cue from Shaunie O'Neal who not only put money to the side while she was married to Shaquille O'Neal, (who was cheating during their marriage,) but started her own show (Basketball Wives on VH1).

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by Penn Peroud